SportsGiráldez: "For me, winning by a landslide is of course good"

Giráldez: “For me, winning by a landslide is of course good”

MADRID, Jan. 20 (.) –

The coach of FC Barcelona Femení, Jonatan Giráldez, stressed that “winning by a landslide is of course good”, both for him and for his coaching staff, in the wake of the 7-0 win this Saturday against Levante UD at the Municipal Stadium in Butarque (Leganés), and which gave the Blaugrana entity its fourth Spanish Super Cup title.

“For me, winning by a landslide is of course good. The more goals, the better for us. Now, if we talk about spectacle or what people expect, that is no longer my thing. My job is to work to improve to our players. And many times, when we focus on the score, sometimes we make mistakes,” Giráldez said at the press conference after the tournament final.

“I think Levante is a great team. For me they are a very complete team with and without the ball, very intense, and today I think we played a great game. Now, this result is very difficult to achieve, scoring five goals in The first part, the way we have done it and with the intensity we have shown, is very very difficult and I think it spoke very well of the level that Barça has. Afterwards, it is the job of the rest of the teams to try to be close; for me part, obviously, the more goals and the more distance, the better,” he insisted.

“We have really been very good since the beginning of the game. It is true that they have had two arrivals at the beginning, in the first two or three minutes, but we have had a very high volume of chances, we have generated many clear chances and we have attacked very well “Really, the pace of play that we needed to be able to win the game was this. The wear and tear has been brutal because Levante is a great team and because they have made things very difficult for us,” said the culé coach.

“The most important thing for me is day to day, trying to improve, trying to do things so that the players have new stimuli in training, in competition, and then the season will put us in our place, where we deserve to be. No “I can deceive you that the objective we have is to win all the games we play,” he snapped.

However, Giráldez pointed out that during a campaign “there are many trips, there are many hours of training, there are many injuries, there are good moments, not so good moments, there are times when it is more difficult than getting the ball, etc.” “Even so, I would tell you that right now we are at a very good level, but we are still in the month of January,” he warned.

“There is still a lot of season ahead, there are many competitions to play and important matches. Therefore, step by step. First, enjoy this Super Cup, this well-deserved victory and this great game we played, and then rest and think in the next games,” Giraldez remarked from Butarque.

“If you analyze the first three minutes, the two chances they have are the only two chances in the entire game and they are avoidable actions, of course. But because of how the match played out and because of how we believed that a first leg could happen and return, with a lot of quick attack and a lot of unchecking movements to attack the depth, I think we have done very well,” continued the Blaugrana coach.

“We played perfectly in terms of the pass, the timing of the unmarking and the finishing situation. We played a great game and also with the handicap of having played a few days ago, with little rest time “I think that speaks very well of the players and also of the entire staff, of all the people who are involved in helping them recover quickly, so that they can perform at this level to achieve the title we have achieved.” , concluded the Barça Femení coach.

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