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Girl is beaten and abused by her father and stepmother in General Cepeda; They investigate attempted feminicide

Monserrat is seven years old and is on the verge of death, she is connected to devices that help her breathe, while a group of doctors does everything possible to keep her alive. Her father, Juan, and her stepmother, Heidi, are responsible for her being like this, both of them hit her and caused fractures; They sexually abused her, they kept her asleep on her floor and they did not feed her.; They mistreated her until they were discovered and arrested: The couple’s children testified against them.

In June of last year, Monserrat’s ordeal began when her mother Gabriela handed her into the hands of her father, Juan. She would check into a rehabilitation center to treat her drug addiction. and Juan would take care of his daughter.

Since then, the girl was taken to live in the house marked with number 512 on Juan Antonio de la Fuente Street, in the Central Zone of General Cepedawhere he lived with Heidi, his wife, and their four children.

According to what was presented at the hearing that was held with criminal case 83/2024, since he arrived at his new home, he suffered abuse, They both began to hit her and violate her in multiple ways.

Monse ate out of the garbage, and they also beat her in front of her stepbrothers, sometimes with a belt and other times with their fist. Both Juan and Heidi were cruel to her on several occasions, including once they broke his arm when they threw it in the bathroom.

Heidi’s children witnessed this, and they couldn’t say anything for fear that the same thing would happen to them too, but only Monse was beaten, only she was asleep on the floor, only her. I spent days without eating and suffered from insults.

As a result of the abuse she suffered, the minor began to pee while she was sleeping, which violence towards her increased, beatings, abuse and even sexual assaultsbecause in addition to the multiple injuries, the medical staff reported vaginal and anal abuse.

Monse’s stepbrothers commented that she was crying all the time, so Heidi, her stepmother, cut her hair. prevented him from continuing with his studies and continued hitting her.

The last attack he suffered was in the early hours of March 17, when Heidi hit him on the head and caused a head injurywhich left her on the brink of death, for this reason she was taken to the Magisterium clinic where the authorities were notified and she was transferred to the Maternal and Child Hospital where everything possible is being done to recover her.

Meanwhile, elements of the Prosecutor’s Office proceeded to arrest the father and his stepmother to carry out the legal process against them for the crime of attempted feminicide, a file that launched the investigation unit specialized in sexual crimes against girls, boys and adolescents of the Southeast Region in coordination with PRONNIF, with the children of this marriage, children under 12 years of age, being the main witnesses of the violence that Monserrat suffered.


In a hearing chaired by Ms. Silvia Catalina Ortíz Castañeda, criminal process 83/2024 JEVF began. Those investigated, Juan and Rosa Heidy, face accusations of attempted femicide against Monserrat, 7 years old.

After the session, an order was issued to link the process and a period of three months was authorized for complementary investigation. The precautionary measure imposed was justified preventive detention. At the hearing, Diana Mostacero and Roberto Vásquez acted as representatives of the Public Ministry.

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