TechnologyGoogle launches ImageFX, its generative AI to create images from a description

Google launches ImageFX, its generative AI to create images from a description

The Mountain View firm has just announced the release of a new generative artificial intelligence tool. With ImageFX, Google wants to allow you to generate quality images using a few words.

Google is finally entering the arena of generative artificial intelligence tools dedicated to images. The Californian company has just announced the availability of ImageFX, its image generation tool powered by Imagen 2, the latest text-image model from Google DeepMind.

An interface designed to stimulate your creativity

Available in Google Labs, ImageFX is a very similar tool based on an easy-to-learn interface in which you just need to enter your description for the magic of generative AI to work.

ImageFX provides users with a powerful interface to quickly and safely explore image generation. » explains Google on its blog.


To encourage you to indulge in creativity, Google explains that it has set up a system of “expressive chips” on which you simply click to experiment with variations of your creations.

So, when you enter your prompt in the interface, ImageFX detects certain keywords and highlights them. Each of them has a drop-down menu that you just click on to access suggested variations. Below your prompt, bullet points suggesting other styles are also offered. A click on one of them is enough to add them to your prompt. However, you will have to restart the generation of the image to display the result.

Google Imagefx4

Security measures and limited access to certain countries

The Mountain View firm also explains that it has made significant investments in security to prevent its tool from being misused. She explains that she has put in place a certain number of safeguards to prevent ImageFX from being used to generate violent, offensive, or sexually explicit images. A number of filters have also been put in place to prevent you from generating images featuring real-world personalities. A way for Google to limit the risks of seeing its tool used to generate Deepfake.

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Finally, to ensure that images generated on its platform can be identified, Google indicates that each image produced by ImageFX is marked by SynthID (an in-house tool developed by Google DeepMind) which adds a “digital watermark”. These are imperceptible to the human eye, but can be detected for identification. Additionally, all images generated with ImageFX include IPTC metadata.

Currently, ImageFX is only available in a handful of countries. Officially, you must reside in the United States, New Zealand, Kenya or even Australia to hope to be able to test the tool. Unofficially, it is very easy to bypass this geoblocking…

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