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Google Photos: a brilliant new feature to free up (a lot of) space

Google Photos continues to improve, this time with a new feature that will allow certain users to free up a lot of storage space.

Google often pushes you to pay for more storage space, but the company also goes to great lengths to help you earn it. This is exactly what this new option offers. Google Photos.

Google helps you clean up your photos

Google Photos already offers a lot of features for sorting your photos. Last month, a new feature showed up: “photo stacks” in the language of Shakespeare. The latter seems to be being deployed to the extent that a Reddit user was able to test it on his smartphone.

With this feature, Google Photos allows you to group your similar photos together in order to avoid cluttering your library and remove duplicates. In fact, many users take a photo of the same scene many times to obtain the “good” photo.

Source: Reddit

Although the user does not specifically specify how it works, a previous report suggests that tapping on this “photo stack” opens an option that allows you to automatically select the best photo and, if you wish, delete the others .

Yes, this is similar to the “Top Shot” option which takes a short video and then selects the best image within it. But this feature is exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones. The new option we talk about above should be available to all Google Photos users.

To check if this new option is available on your account, go to Google Photos then without Settings > Preferences. If you see the “Group Similar Photos” option, you can enable it to take advantage of it.

A really practical tool, especially for people who take a lot of photos of their children or pets and end up with tons of photos. Enough to free up a lot of storage space so as not to have to take the higher package.

Google Photos: “Magic Retouch” will refuse to make these changes

On the other hand, I’m not sure that this solves the biggest problem in this case: succeeding in choosing the best photo and agreeing to delete the others. Google is expected to roll out this new feature in the coming weeks.

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