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Google wants to strengthen the security of the Play Store with the help of users

The Play Store may be the official Android app store, but Google doesn’t always succeed in quickly blocking software threats. We also regularly hear about this Android malware which seeks to siphon banking data, cryptos and other confidential information. In addition to its own efforts, the search engine also wants to empower users.

Google can multiply the mechanisms to prevent malware from appearing and being distributed on the Play Store, nothing to do, the crooks always find a way to slip through the drops. Almost every week, security researchers uncover malicious apps that try to defraud users who honestly believe they can install apps from the Google store. And for good reason: it’s the official store…

Avoid accidental downloads

According to a discovery by AssembleDebug on this Telegram channel, Google prepares new explanation panels when configuring the Play Store. The user will thus be asked to select a means of authentication for “ strengthen their purchases »: a fingerprint or facial recognition. This will reduce the risk of buying and downloading an app by accident.

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And the company details some of the measures put in place: protection of information with the security functions integrated into Android, as well as verification of apps and devices with Play Protect. The latter regularly scans apps installed on smartphones, and recently Google added a real-time examination system at the application code level.

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This new interface is in the testing phase, and with the continuous influx of malware, it should not take long for it to be put online for all users.

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