GlobalGoogle will fire employees who do not take corona vaccine: report

Google will fire employees who do not take corona vaccine: report

According to a report by CNBC, Google will stop the salary of employees who has not taken Covid vaccination and will later be fired. Google has told its employees that if they fail to fully vaccinate themselves and do not follow the Covid-19 rules as mandated by the US administration, they will be withheld from their salaries and even lost their jobs. Google gave its employees time till December 3 to upload the proof of the vaccine.

According to a report found by CNBC, anyone who does not do any of these works by January 13 will be placed on 30-day paid administrative leave.

“If they do not comply after 30 days, they may face up to six months of unpaid leave and may be fired,” the memo said.

Most US workers will come under their own vaccine requirements, revealed by an executive order from President Joe Biden.

The US administration has ordered companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that their employees are fully vaccinated or regularly tested for COVID-19 by January 18. More employees have been asked to upload their vaccination status on their internal system.

As the threat of the Omicron variant looms large, Google is also reconsidering its plan to ask full-time employees to return to offices by January 10. The company has changed its return to work plans several times as the pandemic developed.

In August, when the delta variant was a top concern, Google announced plans for a hybrid return-to-work by January 10, 2022.

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