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Government of Sinaloa will invest 200 million pesos in educational infrastructure in Culiacán

The Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, reported in his weekly conference the progress he has made in the educational field in Sinaloa. He highlighted that 200 million pesos will be invested in improving state educational infrastructure and in the construction of two new secondary schools in Culiacán, one in the Valle Alto sector and the other in Alturas del Sur, while for the La Conquista sector he mentioned, they are doing a COBAES.

The improvement includes maintenance of electrical installations, bathrooms, air conditioners, creation of new classrooms and educational infrastructure.

Rocha Moya asked the Undersecretary of Revenue, Marco Antonio Sánchez Velázquez, to consider a budget for the creation of an air conditioning program for schools and, he noted, he hopes to have the service in all the schools of the entity by the time his term of office ends. government.

“Right now there are many that have them, but they are not useful, many are not useful, we have to remove them, we have to replace them and we will see what resources we allocate for this purpose, but this program is definitely important,” he pointed out.

The state president also pointed out that some schools could continue full time, if parents say so. He added that 1,851 schools are part of the School is Ours program, a third of the basic education schools.

“In The School is Ours, according to what the deputies resolved is that, in that resource, because the issue of the Full-Time School had disappeared, in those schools they can apply the extended hours and what they receive on the 20th percent to provide compensation and pay the teachers,” he explained.

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