GlobalGreen Day, Frank Farian and Bobi Wine

Green Day, Frank Farian and Bobi Wine

After kicking off 2024 with a bang in New York where they dedicated their classic “American Idiot” to Trump, Green Day also celebrated the release of their newest album.

This happened on the eve of the release of their most recent production “Saviors” on the night of last Thursday the 18th when the nightly variety show “The Jimmy Fallon Show” was live and its host left his studio to Irving Plaza as well. from “The Big Apple” to join the more than a thousand attendees from all over the country who gathered for the occasion coinciding with the 30th anniversary of his debut album “Dookie” and also two decades after having released the album “American Idiot”. ” then criticizing the questionable government of President George W. Bush, from which the great lie in order to invade Iraq, which had weapons of mass destruction, remained in history, but which, in a worrying way, has once again become valid in the face of the danger of Trump’s return to The presidency.

All in all, although the trio made up of Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool remain current both with their sound and with their recurring themes that can be found in songs such as “The American Dream is Killing Gme” or “ Strange Days are Here to Stay”, the 15-piece compilation that offers “Saviors” also appeals to humor with compositions like “Look Ma, No Brains!” or “Dilemma” as well as nostalgia in others titled “1981” or “Corvette Summer”, which also recalls the title of a film starring actor Mark Hamill between breaks in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, among others more. Until the moment of writing these lines, he was waiting to confirm the release of the album in first place on the Billboard 200, which would be his second.

While this was happening with American rock music, the pop world was covered in mourning with the death on Tuesday the 23rd at the age of 82 of the German producer Frank Farian, the same one to whom we dedicated some spaces in the fall of the year. pass when Paramount Plus premiered the documentary “Milli Vanilli” since it was he, no less, who was behind one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of pop by having passed off two models of color as a pair of talented European singers who at the end of The 80s caused a sensation to the point of winning a Grammy award for “Best New Artist” which they had to return in the middle of a scandal when it was discovered that they only did lyp sync.

That situation brought to light the same strategy for other groups “discovered” by Farian in the 70s such as Boney M, but although the way of selling them both was very reprehensible, what cannot be denied is that the The music he produced, even if it was with other singers, was genuine and that is why songs of this genre remained in history, such as those by Boney M, including “Rasputin” or “Rivers of Babylon” or by Milli Vanilli such as “Girl You Know is True” or “Blame It On the Rain”, among others, Rest in Peace.

Finally, and speaking of genuine musicians, on Tuesday the 23rd the nominations for the Oscars were announced and although as the date approaches we will talk as usual about our predictions for Best Song, the nomination of the documentary feature film was surprising. Bobi Wine: The People’s President”, which under the direction of Moses Bwayo and Christopher Sharp available on Disney Plus, stars a music star who competes in politics for the presidency of his native country of Uganda, in Africa, against a dictator with more than 30 years in power.

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