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Guillain-Barré claims his third victim; There are 21 confirmed cases in Tlaxcala

The Tlaxcala Health Secretariat confirmed yesterday he death of another patient due to Guillain-Barré syndromewith this there are three deaths in the entity.

The death of the patient was recorded in the IMSS-Wellbeingthe previous two in the IMSS hospital in zone 1 of the Loma Xicohténcatl in the state capital.

It was last March 6 when the Ministry of Health of Tlaxcala issued the alert for Guillain-Barré syndrome, at which time they reported more than 20 cases.

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However, relatives of Some patients claim they received a bad diagnosis in it IMSS-Wellbeing General Hospitalas is the case of the husband of Yolanda Pérez Fuenteswho had all the symptoms of the syndrome.

He came in on March 1 in the afternoon, we brought him to the emergency room here at the hospital, he already came with his right arm asleep, his left leg, he lost the strength in both and we arrived here and we thought that maybe they were going to kill us. give some solution, but no,” said Yolanda Pérez.

They also requested different studies that had nothing to do with the syndrome. It was until Yolanda, she says, saw the news and heard about Guillain-Barré and its symptoms that related it.

The treatment they gave him here, we don’t even know why it was; First they said it was from the brain, then they said it was triglycerides, then they said it was cholesterol. It wasn’t until after we saw it on the news that maybe my husband’s arms and legs had fallen asleep and he left without walking. We even got an ambulance to come and bring him and we took him home. ”, he assured.

Almost a month after what happened, the husband of Yolanda is slowly recoveringalthough their situation could be complicated, since they have to pay for all the treatments, therapies and transportation.

Yes, the right arm already moves it, but it has no strength. Even from here they told us that with an order they gave us from the Amaxac health center, because we are from Amaxac, that they would tell us if we came to the rehabilitation here in San Matías or We were going to Apizaco and they gave us the order to go to the Crit, now he has arrived at the Crit and it turns out that I have to pay transportation to take him, to bring him back, and it is 150 pesos one way and 300 pesos coming, then I have to pay for the consultation, so 200 pesos, and the lawyer already tells us that there are 3 daily rehabilitations that she had on Wednesdays and Fridays, each rehabilitation has a cost,” he assured.

For this disease there are only therapies that help reduce the effects.

As of yesterday, the state’s health sector reported that 38 people were discharged after receiving treatment.

The report states that, of the 76 cases related to this condition, 35 remain hospitalized and, of them, 21 were confirmed with Guillain-Barré syndromeThis total includes the three confirmed deaths.

The Health Secretary He also reported that the health status of some patients is reported as highly critical and with a reserved prognosis.

He urged maintain preventive hygiene measures As the hand washing with soap and waterBesides of care in food preparationmainly the meat like chickenthat it is well cooked, the water is chlorinated and the foods, such as fruits and legumes, are perfectly disinfected.

Given the symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome, such as loss of sensitivity or tingling sensations in the legs and arms, pain similar to that of a muscle cramp, uncoordinated movement, blurred vision and falls, he called on the population to, if they present any of them, go for a prompt review.

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