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hamas isreal war ceasefire palestinian terrorist Asraa Jabas expected swapped hostages demanded Israel pay plastic surgery – International news in Hindi – Whom is Hamas demanding in exchange for hostages, Israel should not have to pay the price; India has also made a mistake, foreign news

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Preparations are underway for a four-day ceasefire in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Under the ceasefire, both sides have made special demands. If reports are to be believed, in exchange for the release of the hostages, Palestinian prisoners lodged in Israeli jails will be released. Hamas has demanded the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 50 Israeli hostages. If Israel does this then it may not have to pay a heavy price. India had also released Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar in exchange for the passengers after the hijacking of Air India flight IC-814. India faced the consequences of this in the form of a terrorist attack.

Hamas has also demanded that Palestinian Asra Jabas be recognized as terrorists. There is speculation that Israel may release him as part of a hostage and prisoner exchange. Jabas was involved in an explosion in the West Bank in 2015. Reports suggest that Jabas carried out the blast with the intention of becoming a suicide bomber. When his car was stopped at a checkpoint, he blew it up using the gas tank. A policeman was injured in this terrorist attack. After the incident, Jabas was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Despite this, Jabas managed to raise money for plastic surgery on two occasions.

When will the ceasefire start?
Let us tell you that Qatar said on Thursday that the ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war will start at 7 am on Friday and as soon as it is implemented, the work of providing humanitarian aid will be started as soon as possible. Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al-Ansari made this announcement at a press conference held in the capital Doha. The possibility of a ceasefire being implemented after the agreement between Israel and Hamas was raised, although talks are still going on on the last day. Al-Ansari said the first batch of civilians held hostage by Hamas would be delivered around 4 p.m., including 13 women and children.

Armistice will stop the war
The ceasefire agreement has raised hopes of an end to the war which has been going on for seven weeks. The war has caused massive destruction in both Israel and Gaza and killed large numbers of people. There is a possibility of this war spreading tension throughout West Asia. Sirens sounded Thursday in northern Israel, where Hezbollah said it had fired 48 Katyusha rockets from southern Lebanon. Earlier, an Israeli strike had killed five Hezbollah fighters, including the son of the head of the group’s parliamentary block. The Israeli army said it was targeting the sources of the attacks.

What is Netanyahu’s planning?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing reporters along with two ministers from his special cabinet on the war, said that the war will resume after the ceasefire expires. He said Israel’s goal was to destroy all Hamas military installations and free all 240 of its hostages held in Gaza. “I want to make it clear that the war continues,” Netanyahu said. Our efforts will continue until all goals are achieved.” Netanyahu said that he has given the same information by calling US President Joe Biden. The Prime Minister said he has instructed the country’s intelligence agency Mossad to eliminate the exiled leadership of Hamas “no matter where they are.”

The United States has provided substantial military and diplomatic assistance to Israel since the war began. With the ceasefire coming into effect, both sides will stop where they are. Israeli forces have captured much of northern Gaza and say they have destroyed tunnels and much of Hamas’ infrastructure. The Israeli military showed a group of foreign journalists what appears to be an underground bunker to prove its claim that there is a Hamas military base beneath Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital.


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