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Hand sanitizers can damage your brain cells. Hand Sanitizers Linked to Brain Cell Damage . News

Recently, a study was conducted in which it was found that chemicals found in many household items such as furniture, clothes, disinfectants and glue can damage the supporting cells of the brain, especially in the early stages of brain development. In.

Molecular biologist Erin Cohn and her team from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA, conducted research on 1823 such chemicals whose effect was not known. They found that two of these types of chemicals either destroy brain cells called oligodendrocytes or stop their growth. This research was done in the lab.

Oligodendrocytes are supporting cells of the brain. These form an insulating layer by covering the neurons (nerve cells) so that brain signals can travel faster.

How are these chemicals damaging brain cells?

Experts found that one of these two types of chemicals are quaternary compounds, which are used to eliminate bacteria and viruses in things like wipes, hand sanitizers, sprays and toothpaste and mouthwash. While using these things, we can eat or smell these chemicals.

Another type of chemicals are organophosphates. These are commonly found in things like clothing, glue, electrical items and furniture and are used to prevent rapid fire.

These fat-soluble organophosphates are absorbed by our skin and can reach the brain. In one experiment, rats were given one of three quaternary compounds orally, and after a few days, scientists found that these chemicals were present in their brain tissue.

It was also found that when a special type of quaternary compound (cetylpyridinium chloride) was given to rats for 10 days during the critical period of brain development, the number of oligodendrocytes in their brain decreased.

“We found that oligodendrocytes – and not other brain cells – are very sensitive to quaternary ammonium compounds and organophosphate flame retardants,” Cohn said.

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