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He is the Chilean music producer who made Bad Bunny angry thanks to artificial intelligence

with a small computer and a software of artificial intelligence (AI)the Chilean producer Mauricio Bustos managed to create a musical collaboration unpublished: a trio between Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee which quickly became among the most listened to in Spotify.

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In the song “Demo 5: Nostalgia”which has a nod in its title to the technology of the moment and in his lyrics he remembers a lost love, Bustos He transformed his voice to imitate his musical references.

The result was surprising: in a few weeks got into the top 100 most listened to on Spotify; became viral on social networks and caused public anger from Bad Bunny himself.

“If you like that shitty song that’s viral on TikTok, get out of this group right now. You don’t deserve to be my friends,” the Puerto Rican singer launched in his official WhatsApp group.

The rage gave even more impetus to this song, written entirely by the Chilean producer, who imitates Bad Bunny’s voice and then, through the use of artificial intelligence, transforms the tone of voice of the Puerto Rican interpreter.

@flowgptmusic @Bad Bunny I didn’t understand the message very well, since my algorithm tells me that m13rd4 is only made by humans… remember that I am a robot, the future is already here. #flowgpt #badbunny #nostalgia #flowgptmusic original sound – FlowGPT

I dreamed that Bad Bunny would invite me to a remix of his song and now it’s the other way around. With this technology I can play Bad Bunny,” Bustos tells AFP, in the room of the house where he lives with his mother in the center of Santiago.

In this place, next to a small personal computer, this controversial artistic creation was born which has also opened a debate about the scope of AI and Copyright.

AI Artist

Bustos, 30 years old, He started getting into music more than a decade ago., especially in reggaeton. When he met Kits, a technological tool that allows you to modify your voice, he knew it could revolutionize music.

“I started talking to my brother and we came to the conclusion that it would be innovative to develop the first singer who uses this technology artistically, because everyone uses it as ‘memes’ or to get artists to sing other artists’ songs,” says the Chilean composer.

Bustos adds that he wanted to “give it one more spin and develop a new artist called “Flow GPT”.

In May of this year He published his first song under this pseudonym, in reference to the famous artificial intelligence interface ChatGPT but giving the acronym a new meaning: “Pretrained Topic Generator“.

Since then has imitated the voices of various artists urban like Anuel, Ozuna or Rauw Alejandro and musical legends like Luis Miguel either Gustavo Cerati.

But Bustos clarifies that the compositions, melodies and imitation of the style of each of the singers They are his artistic creation.

“The voice is still my voice, only a filter is applied to it and the timbre of the voice changes and becomes similar to that of the artist (…) this is not magic,” he said.

Future of music

In May of this year, Spotify deleted tens of thousands of songs produced thanks to the Boomy platform, a site that allows you to create songs with artificial intelligence. “NostalgIA” suffered the same fate shortly after, but a new version was re-released on Wednesday in which Bad Bunny is replaced by J Balvin.

In Chili there is not one regulation about the use of these tools in music, according to lawyer María José Marabit, a specialist in intellectual property at the Catholic University.

It is not regulated (…) there is no law that imposes anything in this case“says Marabit, for whom it is also unclear whether there could be a demand from the original artists.

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Other singers, whose voices were also imitated with artificial intelligence, such as drake and The Weekndthey have also shown their inconvenience for the use of this technology.

But Bustos does not fear reprisals.

“If a billionaire known throughout the world decides to take such an action against someone who has not even generated (money) with the song (…) it would be an abuse,” says the Chilean singer.

Your next step is organize a tour to show the work you do and be able to sign a record contract, because he is convinced that “Flow GPT is the future of music”.

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