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Head of Sedena affirms that ‘it is essential to preserve our independence, integrity and sovereignty’

The head of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), Luis Cresencio Sandovalsaid before the Legislative Branch that it is necessary for each person to work from their sphere of competence for the country, so that its independence and sovereignty are preserved.

This was stated when using the tribune of the Chamber of Deputiesduring the solemn session in which the inscription of “2023 Year of the Bicentennial of the Heroic Military College” with gold letters on the Wall of Honor of the legislative precinct.

Noting that the military has also served as legislators, he also said that both the Army As legislators they have a common factor, “a joint feeling that identifies us and for which we give everything: Mexico.”

“We are walking in the same direction, which is why it is essential to continue as before, each person in the sphere of their competence, ensuring the fulfillment of the most precious national objectives, preserving our independence, integrity and sovereignty,” he exclaimed.

The secretary also assured the deputies that the Military school will continue to train “honorable, loyal and institutional” personnel, who will remain “firm to serve the country without reservation,” as he stated is done to care for the victims of Hurricane Otis.

This mention unleashed standing applause from the 4T bloc that was not echoed by the opposition wing, with some exceptions.

“We can be sure that with the actions of the graduated officers of this campus, the Armed Institute “It will continue to be one of the fundamental pillars of stability, democracy and national unity,” said the secretary.

During the session, deputies from the seven benches expressed recognition to the military body and expressed the need for unity to ensure national security.

“Our country is going through a wave of violence that undermines peace, but the Heroic Military College will be there to provide professionalism to all young people who have the call to be a defender of the country,” said PRD member Javier Huacus.

“It is no coincidence that, with this act, we Mexicans are paying to our Heroic Military College, for the second time, Mr. General, the maximum tribute that is paid in the home of all Mexicans, this Chamber, an inscription in the Wall of Honor of this Session Hall, so that with its name, it encourages us to defend Mexico in all our decisions,” said PRI coordinator Rubén Moreira.


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