PoliticsHost Jimmy Kimmel tested Trump supporters

Host Jimmy Kimmel tested Trump supporters

Television host Jimmy Kimmel tested followers of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement promoted by former US President Donald Trump with questions about the US Constitution, to see “to what extent these patriots really are patriots.” ”.

Kimmel’s team went to the pro-Donald Trump rally in South Carolina to quiz some of his supporters with questions that might be found on a U.S. citizenship test.

“People who support Trump and the MAGA agenda are under the impression that America was founded on the idea of ​​excluding those who don’t share your beliefs,” Kimmel said on his show Monday night. “And the truth is something completely opposite.”

“Our ancestors founded this country with the words ‘we the people,’ so us we go to town to find out to what extent these patriots are patriots.”

Some of the MAGA fans there said they could pass the citizenship test. One man even claimed that he would get through it “easily.”

And so the test began, with Kimmel curious to see what happens “when citizens are under the microscope.”

First question: “What is the supreme law of the land?”

Initially, four men were speechless at this question, but one spoke up and responded: “Guns, freedom and justice?”

Others said they had no idea, and one man said excitedly: “Good question, I really couldn’t answer it right now.”

The answer is, in fact: the Constitution.

Second question: “How many amendments does the Constitution have?”

Responses ranged from 32 to 10, but one woman got close to the correct number of 27 by saying “twenties.”

However, she changed her mind and added: “or maybe 13, I’m not really sure.”

Third question: What are the first three words of the Constitution?

One person immediately responded: “In God we trust,” but the host had to explain: “Okay, there are four in that sentence.” [palabras]”.

One MAGA supporter did give the correct answer, “We the people,” but was instantly unmasked by the interviewer, who overheard a passerby give him the answer.

“You cheated,” said the presenter, “you cheated like Joe Biden” (referring to the fact that the US president used tokens to remember the names of senior Irish officials this March 15). This last statement was vigorously cheered.

The citizenship question portion ended, and the conclusion of the segment included one more snippet of trivia American: MAGA fans were asked to sing the national anthem.

Two men wearing Trump hats sang the US anthem, doing it almost well until they failed at the end.

“You were close, guys,” the interviewer said.

Translation by Sara Pignatiello

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