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How China is stopping India and US by increasing friendship with Taliban, becomes the first country to send ambassador

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China has appointed its ambassador to Afghanistan. Along with this, it is the first country in the world which has approved the Taliban government and established diplomatic relations with it. On Wednesday, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Xing met the Taliban PM and informed him about his appointment. Till now no other country has maintained diplomatic relations with the Taliban and has not even recognized the government. In such a situation, this step of China is important from the point of view of international politics.

Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Taliban government, said, ‘PM of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mohammad Hassan Akhund has accepted the appointment of Chinese Ambassador Zhao Xing.’ The Taliban government also admitted that this is the first appointment of an ambassador from any country after it came to power in Afghanistan in August 2021. Let us tell you that even before this China had not called back its old ambassador. In 2019, Wang Yu became China’s ambassador to Afghanistan and remained there until his tenure ended last month. However, the important question is that why is China giving so much importance to Taliban whom the world considers untouchable.

The world sidelined us, the pain of Pakistanis spilled over to G-20

According to Indian Council of World Affairs researcher Anvesha Ghosh, China has many interests in maintaining relations with the Taliban. The first is that East Turkistan Islamic Movement, an organization of Uighur Muslims, has been active there. This is an extremist organization, which is said to have relations with Taliban. In such a situation, China does not want to allow terrorism to flourish. He wants to make his first attempt in the form of friendship with Taliban so that he can stop any activity against him on Afghan soil. He feels that for stability in Uighur-dominated Xinjiang, it is necessary to maintain friendship with Afghanistan bordering it.

China’s action is related to America as well as India

Apart from this, one of China’s interests is to increase its stature in global politics. America attacked Afghanistan after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. He remained there for a long time and during this time China was in his support but avoided being seen together. It is believed that the reason for this was that China did not want to be seen following America. In such a situation, now that America has left Afghanistan and its relations with Taliban are not good, China wants to maintain its lead. China feels that it will help in stopping America as well as India.

As soon as America left, China started getting closer, helped in Corona

China started improving relations with Taliban with the withdrawal of America. It also provided vaccines during the Corona period and provided humanitarian aid to people in an environment of violence. In this way, before restoring diplomatic relations, China had strengthened its claim by providing help to Afghanistan. Not only this, China also remained at the forefront in giving recognition to the government. He had even appealed to the international community to lift the freeze on Afghanistan’s assets held abroad.

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