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How did Al-Azhar resolve the controversy over the religion of the child Shenouda? – . .

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The case of the child Shenouda raises controversy again in Egypt

Once again, the issue of the child Shenouda raises public opinion in Egypt after Al-Azhar issued an official fatwa confirming that the religion of the child of unknown parentage becomes the religion of the one who found him, and therefore the religion of the child Shenouda must return to Christianity as it was before, and it is the same religion as his father, Farouk Fawzi, and his wife, Amal Michael, who They found him nearly 5 years ago inside a church in northern Cairo, according to their claim.

And as soon as Al-Azhar’s fatwa spread on social media platforms, these platforms flared up with conflicting opinions about how to determine the child’s religion and the legality of his parents’ position, amid some sympathy for the parents and others accusing them of the illegality of what they had done, and even criminalizing what they did with the child.

The case of the child, Shenouda, opens a thorny file on the issue of adoption and change of religion in Egypt, an issue that has always sparked controversy.

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The story of the child Shenouda raised public opinion in Egypt months ago after he was found inside a church as a child and was raised by a Coptic family, but after four years he was placed in an orphanage according to the current system in Egypt, as Egyptian law considers any child of unknown parents a “natural Muslim.” .

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