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How does Biden risk “igniting World War III”? In the New York Post – . .

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International newspapers commented on the recent intensive movements of the US administration in the Middle East, and the New York Post published an article by writer Michael Goodwin, under the title, “Biden is playing with fire and risks igniting World War III.”

Godwin began by saying that American presidents since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 have been trying to stay away from policies that might endanger the existence of the small Hebrew state.

The writer saw that these presidents followed an unwritten rule in their approach, because they all stood on a solid fact, which is that “if America distances itself from Israel, the neighboring countries surrounding the Hebrew state will erase it from existence.”

Godwin pointed to the peace agreements concluded by Israel with Egypt and Jordan, and to the Abraham Accords, through which four countries in the region recognized Israel and established economic, diplomatic and security relations with it.

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