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How many years ago!

On Saturday, August 13, 1949, the Álamo Vineyards, owned by Don Nazario S. Ortiz Garzahad the following curious notice published in “El Heraldo del Norte”:

“We request women who know how to select grapes and laborers for work in the fields”.

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Selecting grapes must be an easy task, but women were also asked – or at least that was understood by the wording of said advertisement – also select laborers for work in the field, a task that will not be easy at all.

The Cinema Palacio exhibited the films “La Hora del Olvido” in a double function of voluntary permanence, with Van Johnsonand “The Golden Devil”, with Wallace Berry and Gladys George. I put “with”, but in those years we said “for”: “La Hora del Olvido”, for Van Johnson… Low rear window, 2.75; high, 1.40. “Tomorrow, from 9.45, exciting matinee! The entire INVASION OF MONGO series! Low, 0.80; high, 0.55”.

Castilla S., de Allende 208, offered a brand new “visible system for accounts” that had a strange name: Kardex. La Zapatería Flores had “Very fine slippers for ladies (sic) at 14.90 a pair. The airline “Aerovías Coahuila” made an irresistible offer: “Today, Saturday, fly to Mexico. He will be able to return on Monday.” “La Zebra” bakery, “managed by workers,” sold popular Pullman bread for 50 cents petty cash. The prestigious and traditional Martínez Bookstore, Zaragoza 210, telephone 14-50, had the best assortment of Esterbrook fountain pens. In the “Armillita” Bullring, they presented Curro Ortega, Paco Ortiz and Jaime Bolañoswith 6 horns of Joaquín Núñez González“please see them in the corrals of the Plaza.”

There was a piñata on the occasion of the birthday of the little boy Javier P. Ortiz, grandson of Mrs. Doña Maria Flores de Ortizat his home at 208 Victoria Street. The traditional piñata was broken and artistic bags of sweets were given to the little friends of the guest.. That same day a bachelorette party took place for Miss Evangelina Vazquez “in one of the local picnic areas.”

There was news of a robbery at the Empacadora Alanís: Unfaithful employees took out merchandise that they then sold to buyers who were also arrested. El Heraldo del Norte published: “… Very favorable comments have been made among businessmen, because despite the amount of what was stolen, Messrs. Alanís once again demonstrated their magnanimity by not taking any criminal action against their delinquent former employees. Lic. Antonio Gutiérrez Dávila, delegate of the Public Ministry of the First Shift, told us on the matter that although the attitude of the businessmen is worthy of praise, that only partially lessens the penalty that will be applied to those boys, since justice “It has to punish the crime, but perhaps, taking into account the attitude of the aforementioned Packer Alanís, even the bail will be moderate…”.

The publication in the cultural supplement of El Heraldo of the article “Manuel Acuña” was announced, by Javier Guerra Escandón, and the poems “Lend me your fine hand” and “Tribute to Manuel Acuña”, “poems by Fidencia Flores”. It was not Fidencia, but Fidencio, the name of the author, who was surely put in trouble by this typo. Fidencio Flores It was from Ramos Arizpe. He was known as “The Last Romantic.”

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