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How to use Ideogram, the app that will facilitate the creation of 3D names with AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to surprise Internet users with its advanced tools and technology. These applications could facilitate the work of graphic designers and even 3D animators and audiovisual producers.

By typing “Create an image of the planet in the year 2060 as seen from a satellite”, in seconds one of these applications can recreate the image of the planet.

The app called Ideogram has been causing a stir on social media as its images and designs have gone viral. It is a tool that allows you to create images with texts in 3D designs. The results, in the opinion of users, are ‘shocking’; although they detailed that the app It is simple if it is used for short names and not exactly for surnames or such long brand names.

Image created by users of the ‘Ideogram’ application


A few months ago, the MidJourney tool – which defines itself as a research and artificial intelligence laboratory – launched different free and paid functions, in which users can create images from textual descriptions.

Some time later, ChatGPT, a ‘chatbot’ that can resolve any doubt while feeding on user requests and ideas, began to extend its use among the community of Internet users. The application was developed by the company OpenAI, which has opted for the use of language coding models to adjust to the demands of public users and even private organizations.

The Ideogram AI tool generates images with text in an easy and simple way. The intention of these designs is that the images fit with the names and designs that users want.

Currently, the new Ideogram app is free. It does not have a paid version or premium. Here we share the simple steps to use it:

  • Enter the Ideogram page:
  • Sign up or use your Google account to log in
  • When accessing your account, you will need to create a username; or, if you accessed via Google, it is very likely that it will be generated automatically
  • Once you have created your profile, you can use any template created by other users and even some default ones. You can also make one from scratch.
  • Choose the size of your photo
  • Insert the desired text into the template of your choice. You can change the font to the one you like the most, with full colors, gradients and in 2D or 3D
  • And ready! Download your images. Most of them will be saved in a 1024×640 pixel format in 16:9 format

Image created by users of the ‘Ideogram’ application


For a greater experience, press the ‘Remix’ button to automatically generate some additional options with random backgrounds, fonts and styles.

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