Technology“I can watch Willy Wonka for free”: this free streaming site has...

“I can watch Willy Wonka for free”: this free streaming site has more traffic than Disney+

The impressive popularity of an illegal streaming site worries the giants of the cinema industry.

To bypass paid streaming services, Internet users do not hesitate to turn to illegal sites, which end up expecting impressive traffic figures.

Disney+ beaten by illegal streaming site

With 190 million visitors in March according to SimilarWeb, the illegal streaming site FMovies is ahead of Disney+ in terms of web traffic. Figures which are not to the taste of rights holders and which are increasingly beginning to annoy certain officials in the entertainment industry. This is particularly the case of Charles H. Rivkin, CEO of the Motion Picture Association (MPA). Its mission is to defend the interests of giants of the cinema industry such as Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal and Netflix.

For Charles H. Rivkin, FMovies is a priority target. The boss of the MPA makes no secret of it, pointing out the gargantuan traffic recorded by the site, although the figures seem even greater than those announced: “One of the largest illegal streaming sites in the world, FMovies, receives over 160 million visits per month and with other countries already passing site blocking laws, a third of that traffic still comes from the states -United “Rivkin said.

During a hearing in the United States House of Representatives on this problem, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu was surprised to see that FMovies was still online and perfectly functional. After being at the site during the session, he notices:

“I went on my phone, typed in FMovies, and it’s still online. And I can watch Willy Wonka for free without paying. Why don’t online service providers block it now, like today? »

In the category of “Most Visited Online Streaming and TV Websites in the United States”, Similarweb places FMovies in 9th position in the United States, just ahead of Disney Plus and Crunchyroll. Traffic which, however, does not take applications into account. Taking this element into account, Disney+ must therefore record more visits.

On the same subject: French justice orders the blocking of dozens of streaming and torrent sites

But this should not minimize the scale of a global phenomenon. In many countries, authorities are turning to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to these illegal platforms, who do not hesitate to change addresses and hosts to better circumvent these restrictions. The means to simply access these platforms are also well known to Internet users…

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