Entertainment“I was pleasantly surprised”: Cecilia Suárez on paper new series of 'Zorro'

“I was pleasantly surprised”: Cecilia Suárez on paper new series of ‘Zorro’

lhe classic legend of Zorro is back. The Spanish actor, Miguel Bernardeu, will play the mysterious Diego de la Vega known as “Zorro”, who seeks to unmask the murderers of his father and bring them to justice. The new Amazon Prime project consisting of 10 episodes will be based in Los Angeles in the 19th century.

Zorro will have to understand how being a hero affects his community in California, which is in a constant state of change. The story will feature a stellar cast including Renata Notni, Dalia Xiuhcoatl, Emiliano Zurita, Andrés Almeida, Cuauhtli Jiménez, Elia Galera, Paco Tous, Rodolfo Sancho, Cristo Fernández, Francisco Reyes, Luis Tosar, Ana Layevska and a special performance by Cecilia Suarez.

The series will feature well-known and new characters, such as Cecilia Suárez, who will play Guadalupe, a vigilante who will encounter Zorro. “Everything she does has to do with what she believes is fair,” Suárez said of her character.

Suárez spoke with Diego Pineda about his experience in the world of Zorro.

How did you connect to the character of Guadalupe?

I believe that the further the character is from who one is (or grows to be) the better and it is much more enjoyable to play. For me it is much easier to approach something that has nothing to do with me. In fact, I thought about it a lot before accepting the challenge of being in this series. And as we started working, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was to make a western and how joyful it was to enter this type of daring and passionate fiction.

Let’s talk a little about the famous Zorro. It is a legend that we all know. What makes this version different from the story or the movies of this character?

I think it has nothing to do with the previous stories we have seen of Zorro; he is a new take, as we would say in English, about history. This time Zorro goes personal. Zorro is a vigilante of the personal and that is also interesting about this new version. The cast is completely diverse and that also gives voice to another way of thinking and another way of understanding life within the story.

What was the experience of recording in the Canary Islands like?

The Canary Islands are the best. And beyond how rich it is to be there, [lo mejor] It was that the people of the Canary Islands welcomed the project, and that was very important because we were there for many months. The way the stay was received, the project’s stay there was very nice.

Why should people watch this series?

Because the character remains enigmatic. Because the character always has something very attractive. For me it remains partly a mystery why Zorro generates this concern or this taste in the public. But beyond that, I think it is a story for modern times and for the audience that is watching Prime today.

Zorro premieres on January 19 in Latin America and the United States, and on January 25 in Spain on Amazon Prime.

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