Global“If I had been president, this would not have happened”: when Trump...

“If I had been president, this would not have happened”: when Trump thinks he could have prevented the war in Gaza

Trump’s puzzle: how to compensate for the money lost during his trials?

But his rival’s war management is not his only annoyance. Trump does not tolerate the length of the conflict. He specifies his wish that Israel wins a “victory”, but deplores that “it takes a lot of time”. So he has some simple advice to give to Netanyahu. “This is a very simple statement. Let’s get this over with. They have to finish what they start, and they have to do it quickly. […] This is the only advice we can give”, he declares.

Not stopping in his speech, he explains: “I’m not sure I like the way they’re doing it, because it takes a win”, before continuing, “the other thing i hate is that they release videos all the time”. He then refers to videos of collapsing buildings, published by Israel. “People imagine that there are a lot of people in these buildings, and they don’t like that. To me, that doesn’t make them seem tough. They are losing the PR war”, he expresses.

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