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This week the quarterfinals of the Liga MX will be played. Eight teams remain in the fight for the title after the play-in final phase was disputed for the first time in history. In general, both in stadium attendance and in sports, the implementation of the system that copies what was done by the NBA since the season that was affected by the pandemic could be considered a success. Once again, the single-match qualifiers aroused the interest of the fans and provided a better spectacle than what is usually seen in the round-trip qualifiers, in which, in addition, both in the quarterfinals and in the semifinals, there is unfortunate rule of table position.

The MX League has diligently sought a way to generate the interest of fans disillusioned by what is happening with the National Team (which despite the growth it has had in the last three decades has not been able to get into the international elite), as well as because the product of the local championship has lost its shine with leagues in which more than fifty percent of the teams participate, leading to enormous mediocrity in the regular phase, and that instead of generating the search for excellence each week, brings the conformity of knowing that the three points in dispute each day have lost value; That is without forgetting the terrible decision to abolish relegation, which, despite the fact that they want to sell it to us as something positive, has hit the championship level. Not having teams that lose the category has meant that several institutions do not even worry about putting together a squad worthy of the first division.

Competitiveness is presumed when in reality the same old teams are the ones fighting for the championships, in addition to the fact that it is difficult to find matches that are really worthwhile, this is seen by a large sector of the fans, fed up with a second-level product and that, with multiple sports options to watch any day of the week, he has preferred not to tune in to the games on television or has stopped going to the stadiums.

It should be no surprise that fans have turned away. For example, what happened during the recent Liga MX tournament, which had a low average attendance if we add up the entries from all the properties, just a sad 51 percent.

The leaders will say that there are several factors that affected the entry of fans to the 17th round, and it is true that the economy is not in a great moment, that it went through a crisis generated by different factors, including the pandemic. But they cannot hide behind that, and even less so when they proclaim the level and quality of the Liga MX. There must be an analysis about what they have done wrong and what they can improve so that people are willing to spend time on your product.

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