GlobalIn Saltillo we breathe polluted air. But if we don't verify...

In Saltillo we breathe polluted air. But if we don’t verify it…

Out of sight, out of mind”says the popular voice wisely. The saying points out – with great success – that until we have in front of our eyes the irrefutable evidence For something we suspect, we can always hope that it is not happening or is not true.

And without a doubt for issues of an immaterial nature – those related to feelings – the formula can be functional and even useful. But History totally changes when it comes to phenomena that have an impact on the physical material reality.

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This is the case of environmental pollution. Or, to put it more precisely, of the substances and particles we breathe every day but whose precise existence we do not know, because no one is doing absolutely anything to verify it.

Because as we document in this edition, the only air quality monitoring station that the authorities responsible for the issue in Saltillo have, has a highly irregular operation and only a few days a year generates data that can be used.

Derived from this reality, most of the time we do not have precise official information about the poor quality of the air that we, the inhabitants of the urban area of ​​the State capital, take into our lungs. But the fact that there is no official information about it does not mean that pollution does not exist or that it is not a danger.

Because, as we have constantly published, there are efforts of a diverse nature, essentially of a private nature, that They allow us to know on a daily basis about the presence of undesirable pollutants in the city air..

And these reports only corroborate what international health authorities have been warning for a good number of years: The air around us contains elements harmful to our health at levels that are well above any recommended limit.

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The question that must be reiterated here is, What are we waiting for to react to the increasingly numerous alarm lights that are on?? Because there is nowhere to be seen, let alone an effort to contain and reverse the situation, but at least the intention to recognize the existence of a problem.

Health authorities, as well as those responsible for caring for the environment, should be deploying coordinated efforts to put us all on alert and call for multidisciplinary actions to be carried out to prevent the situation from escalating.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that, despite the multiple warning voices that are raised daily, we are willing to move to the brink of collapse before reactingstep on the brakes and act to ward off one of the biggest risks to our health: the air we breathe.

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