GlobalIn this overwhelming world, how can we build a common house?

In this overwhelming world, how can we build a common house?

Some 200 performers sit down at the table for the 29th edition of Kunstenfestivaldesarts

These “multiple bad things” are a euphemism for a world where the situation seems very disastrous: from Ukraine to Gaza, from the rise of populism to the climate crisis.

On stage, in front of a large screen in the shape of the Universe, where clouds and storms pass by, they build a possible common home in the face of this overwhelming world. At the end, they straighten what looked like a pile of beams, to show a house standing.

These actors give the public an example of dignity. The performer asks one of them: “Can you help me help you? ” How to build a more inclusive society at a time when – and in Australia acutely – politics is to the exclusion of what is different.

Their questions which get to the point in a few words (love, death), their looks on us (“suffering exists because people are cowards, they are afraid of themselves”), the humor also with which they return us to the absurdity of our daily life, to our moments of joy and pain, are disconcerting, but also bring poetry and reflection.

Again until May 13, at the National Theater in Brussels. Info:

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