GlobalIndia-UK natural partners - working on 'great projects' including 5G, startups: Boris...

India-UK natural partners – working on ‘great projects’ including 5G, startups: Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that Britain and India are natural partners working together on a number of “cool projects”, including partnerships on 5G, telecom and various startups. He said that these projects will transform the lives of the people and promote the principles of freedom, openness and peace.

Addressing the Global Technology Summit via video link, Johnson said India and the UK will continue to strengthen their ties in technology and other areas in the coming decade as well. He said that this is in line with the India-UK framework set for 2030.

The 2030 Framework to strengthen Britain-India strategic ties was signed by Johnson and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an online summit in May this year.

“The UK and India are natural partners with a shared culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit,” Johnson said. We are working together on a number of great projects, including the UK-India partnership on 5G and telecom, and UK startups working closely with Indian giants.

“Working together, we will not only be able to make new beginnings to transform people’s lives, but we will also shape a new technology that will be based on the principles of freedom, openness and peace,” he said.

UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that India’s giants from Infosys to Tata are expanding their business across the UK, while UK brands are selling high quality goods in India and providing services like finance, clean technology.

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