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Inflation drops to 3.53% in Torreón during August and is five months below the national average

Inflation in Torreón reported a slight decrease, reaching 3.53% during August at an annual rate. With this result, the months of contractions in the city’s price index extend and a behavior similar to the National Consumer Price Index is presented ( INPC), because a downward trend has been observed in both indicators since the beginning of 2023, as shown by an analysis by SigloDATA, with information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

In the latest Inegi report, Torreón was ranked among the 10 cities with the lowest inflationary impact during August, where Monclova was ranked first by having the lowest inflation in the analysis with 2.24%. The inflationary level of Torreón was lower than the national average, since it was located at 4.64% and with this the city linked five months below the INPC and managed to reverse the high level recorded at the beginning of the year.

Despite the interannual falls, inflation at the monthly rate in Torreón showed an advance of 0.57% compared to July, while in Mexico an increase of 0.55% was reported.the highest rate for August since 2018.

The general behavior would be determined by the rise in energy, education and food. The above would be partially offset by falls in tourist categories due to the end of the summer holidays, Banorte specialists commented prior to the announcement.

The general price increase in August was slightly above the analyst consensus of 4.61% at an annual rate, but within the range of between a minimum of 4.35% and a maximum of 4.70% expected by the 35 financial institutions consulted by CitiBanamex , of which none was correct, but six were close with his estimate.

The lower dynamism of core inflation, which includes goods and services whose prices are less volatile, contributed to the deceleration of the general price index, going from 6.64% in July to 6.08% in August, its lowest rate since December 2021 .

Within the underlying index, merchandise prices reported a monthly increase of 0.24% and an annual increase of 6.86%, while services increased 0.31% in the month and 5.15% compared to the same period of the previous year.

For its part, the non-core price index would leave the negative terrain observed in the previous two months to report an annual increase of 0.37%. Internally, the prices of agricultural products observed a monthly increase of 1.17%, bringing the annual increase to 3.94%.

Likewise, energy prices and rates authorized by the government increased 1.17% in the month, with which the segment registered an annual decrease of 2.68%.

Finally, the Minimum Consumption Basket Price Index, which evaluates the prices of 176 products and services that make it up, contained in the food and non-food baskets of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), It had a monthly variation of 0.75% and an annual variation of 4.16%.

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