SportsIñigo Martínez: "You have to trust and leave the referees alone"

Iñigo Martínez: “You have to trust and leave the referees alone”

“Barça’s game is not being brilliant”

MADRID, Nov. 14 (.) –

The Spanish international Iñigo Martínez has assured that he has “total and complete confidence” in the Spanish referees, although there are situations that are not “very clear”, such as “the issue of the hands”, and has asked to “leave the referees alone” so that they can “do their job”, in addition to recognizing that FC Barcelona’s game “is not brilliant” but that it is not “at all bad”.

“In the ‘referees issue’ there has always been controversy and there always will be, it is not a thing of today. There will always be situations in which to some of us it seems that there was a penalty or a handball and to others not. The important thing is to leave them alone; there is a lot pressure and a lot of commotion with the referees,” he said at a press conference.

However, he acknowledged that there are “situations” that are “not” very clear, especially “on the issue of hands.” “But the important thing is to trust them and let them do their job in the best possible way. The less pressure they have, the better they will do their job. Total and complete confidence in Spanish refereeing,” he added.

Furthermore, he recalled that “there has always been criticism”, and not only of the braids, but also of the teams, such as those currently suffered by FC Barcelona. “It is true that the team’s play is not brilliant. We are used to Barcelona winning 4-0 or 5-0, and now that we don’t see the team well, criticism is starting to pour in,” he stressed.

“The team is united, it’s good. Obviously, every time there is a bad game there is always self-criticism. We must be calm, this is very long; better moments will come and I have no doubt that the game will improve and we will see another Barcelona. It’s getting more and more complicated to win,” he continued, acknowledging that, in his case, “it doesn’t matter to them.”

“I have never cared about criticism, we must carry it with total naturalness. We must try to turn the situation around; I don’t think we are completely bad, the important thing is to move forward in the games even if the team is not completely well. Those triumphs They are the ones that must be valued even more, not when you win by four, five or six. The 2-1 the other day, coming back… There you can see the strength of the team, the unity, and our objective will always be “give 100%. You have to always think positively and try to improve,” he continued.

On the other hand, the Basque central defender assured that he is “fine.” “Physically I can say that I have left behind those problems that have prevented me from training and competing. I am at a moment in which I am having the opportunity to play for Barcelona and I am happy. I am happy with this call, it is always an honor to come here and to play these matches. One fights to compete in those tournaments where any player dreams of being since childhood. I hope to do a good job and that the coach counts on me,” he noted.

“With each coach you improve in certain aspects, and you gather from each one to enhance yourself as a footballer. and I have taken advantage of every opportunity that the coach has given me,” he added.

He also revealed that he continues to receive psychological support. “I continue with external help, and it is not my case, there are a thousand. Almost everyone needs external help. There is more and more pressure, more competitiveness at FC Barcelona, ​​where a tie is not worth it, and that help always comes in handy. It is something normal “Many people need it and we have to take it completely naturally,” he expressed.

In another order of things, he downplayed the anger of the Polish Robert Lewandowski with Lamine Yamal in the match against Deportivo Alavés. “There are a thousand of those reprimands in every game, what happens is that only one focuses and it becomes a world. Robert gave the appropriate explanations. I didn’t see it at the time. The team is very united, the relationship between the two is spectacular, and not because of that action we are going to create anything. We are all united and we stay away from that type of controversies that contribute little to us,” he said.

Regarding the national team, he stated that there is “a great team that is doing things very well” and that will try to win Euro 2024. “The objective is always to win; our objective is to do a good job and lift what we all want to lift We work for it, in each game we have to give our best. There are great teams, we will have to suffer, but I have no doubt that we are capable of winning it. That is the objective. We have a great group, with very young players and a lot of talent, and why not dream of winning that tournament?” he asked.

Finally, he spoke about the adaptation of the new additions to ‘la Roja’. “Each new player is well received. If there is something about this team, it is that there are extraordinary people who have their doors open to anyone. From the first minute they integrate well, they are given confidence so that they adapt quickly to the locker room. There is very good atmosphere, a great group eager to learn and play, and that is good for the team,” he concluded.

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