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iOS 17.5 will allow the installation of apps from the web in Europe

The first beta of iOS 17.5 delivered this evening by Apple contains (at least) one big new feature: the possibility of installing an application from a website on iPhones in Europe.

Sideloading is now a reality on the iPhonewell almost: you must be based in the European Union to benefit from it, and have installed the first beta of iOS 17.5, according to code unearthed by MacRumors. Apple announced in mid-March the arrival of this function that users of Mac, Windows, Android and all other modern OS have always known well, since it involves authorizing the installation of a application from the publisher’s website.

Who will go first?

This opening, obtained by forceps by the European Commission within the framework of the regulation on digital markets (DMA), closely follows the possibility of offering alternative stores on iPhone. It’s possible since iOS 17.4, but at present no one has yet launched into this niche.

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And for good reason: Apple very strictly regulates the operation of third-party stores and sideloading. The criteria and conditions imposed by the manufacturer are drastic, first and foremost the famous core technology fees (CTF), which require developers who have exceeded one million installations to pay a tithe of €0.50 per additional installation. .

As for sideloading, there may not be many candidates at first either. For a developer to be able to distribute an iOS app on their website, they must have been a member of the Apple Developer program for two years, and have had at least one app that has exceeded one million installations in the EU on last twelve months. Once the request has been validated by Apple, the manufacturer will provide a specific API.

These conditions don’t do anyone’s business, and especially not the competition, which claims to be prevented from launching. Apple is also one of the access controllers, along with Meta, Amazon and Google, who are facing non-compliance investigations carried out by Brussels.

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