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Israel-Hamas war: twenty dead in the bombing of a school in northern Gaza (LIVE)

Earlier in the day, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, casting doubt on his party’s intentions: “All options are open and considered on the Lebanese front and we can resort to them at any time” did he declare.

Follow the latest information live:

6:06 a.m.: two arrests during a banned pro-Palestinian rally in London

London police arrested two people during a pro-Palestinian rally outside King’s Cross station in the UK capital, after it was banned on Friday evening.

British Transport Minister Mark Harper said he had ordered police to end the rally on Friday.

Transport Police confirmed two people were arrested at King’s Cross station in the evening. The gathering outside the station continued, but not inside. The station was operating normally and train traffic was not disrupted.

4:09 a.m.: UN condemns Israeli strike in Gaza against ambulance

The UN condemned the bombing of an ambulance which killed fifteen people on Friday in Gaza, a strike confirmed by the Israeli army which declared having targeted members of Hamas using the vehicle, which the Palestinian Islamist organization denied .

“I am horrified,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement, adding: “The images of bodies strewn in the street outside the hospital are heartbreaking.”

“The convoy consisted of five ambulances,” including one from the Hamas Ministry of Health and one from the Red Crescent, the Red Crescent said in a statement, according to which the bombing occurred at a distance of two meters from the entrance to al-Chifa hospital, the largest in Gaza.

A second ambulance was targeted “about a kilometer from the hospital” and injuries were noted, added the humanitarian organization.

The Israeli army confirms having targeted an ambulance, “used” according to it by Hamas

3:56 a.m.: Nine people arrested during pro-Palestinian rally in Frankfurt

In Germany, nine people were detained during a pro-Palestinian rally in the city of Frankfurt on Friday, according to police.

German police are investigating these people deprived of their liberty on suspicion of inciting hatred and using anti-constitutional symbols.

The rally attracted 850 people to central Frankfurt in a call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

3:45 a.m.: US expects Israeli army ground operations in Gaza

The American government is counting on an intensification of ground operations by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip in the coming days, reports the American channel CNN citing a senior American official.

The Israeli army, the IDF, will focus more on ground operations than on airstrikes over the coming days. Members of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas mainly hide in underground tunnels in the enclave.

After massive Israeli bombardments on the Jabaliya refugee camp, in the north of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military reportedly got their hands on Hamas plans, maps and communications devices, which could be useful in future operations.

During the strikes on the camp, 50 terrorists were killed according to Israel. According to the Palestinians, the toll mainly includes civilian victims. This information could not be independently verified.

1:40 a.m.: Freeing the hostages would require a “very substantial pause” in hostilities according to the United States

A senior White House official said Friday that freeing the Hamas hostages, at least 240 people according to the Israeli army, “would require a very significant pause in the conflict” with Israel.

He spoke of “very serious discussions” currently underway and clarified that there “is currently no agreement” for such a break, in a conference call with the press.

“Let us hope, God willing, that we will have good news to give during another conference call, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it,” said this senior official who did not wish to be quoted.

The Biden administration has repeatedly said that it does not support a general ceasefire, but has called for “pauses” of a humanitarian nature, and Joe Biden himself defended the principle of a temporary cessation on Thursday evening. hostilities to free the hostages.

12:58 a.m.: Twenty dead in bombing of school in northern Gaza

Twenty people were killed and dozens of others injured in an attack “targeting” a school in the north of the Gaza Strip, the Hamas Ministry of Health in the Palestinian territory announced early Saturday.

“Twenty martyrs and dozens of wounded arrived at al-Chifa hospital in Gaza City after the targeted attack on a school transformed into a makeshift camp for displaced people in the al-Saftaoui area, in the northern Gaza Strip,” the Health Ministry said in a statement. “Several tank mortar shells fell on the school which was directly targeted,” he added.

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