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It was a “classic Saturday night” that a judge gave Murillo Karam house arrest: AMLO

MEXICO CITY (apro).– President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described the decision of the District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Penal System based in the North Prison, José Rivas González, to modify the status of the former Attorney General of the Republic, Jesús Murillo Karam, in addition to the report that he dedicated himself to speaking ill of the president.

“It was very strange because there was supposed to be no service, the courts were closed, even the judge who decides is not the owner, it is Saturday, that is, a classic Saturday, and I have the information that they summoned a hearing with very little notice.” anticipation. There is always a period of 48 hours and I think they gave a period of two and a half hours,” he indicated.

The president said that even with the haste, the representation of the Prosecutor’s Office was there “and the judge, according to the report I have, did act on orders, because he dedicated himself to speaking badly about me. I am just formally requesting the recording.”

Among the statements that the judge gave, the federal president explained, is that the Judicial Branch was above the Executive, that it was no longer the time when they were treated with whips and that they had more power than anyone, that he could do whatever he wanted. I’d like”.

He also accused that the current administration has not made progress in the investigation even though it has been going on for five years.

“And he got involved as if Diego Fernández had advised him, but here we are going to listen to him because it does serve to purify public life and to socialize information, because before this was not even known,” although he clarified that Murillo Karam did not He was able to leave prison because there is another cause, “but he argued in favor of the freedom of the former attorney.”

He added: “What catches my attention is that the report he gives me is accompanied by a speech against you know who. Like that’s already become a national sport. But everything is very strange. We are going to air it here.”

Regarding whether Judge Rivas’s decision will be challenged, he said that this will be up to the Prosecutor’s Office, although this Thursday the Presidential Commission for Truth and Access to Justice in the Ayotzinapa (Covaj) case announced that it will be pending this process. of the FGR, but will file a complaint with the Federal Judiciary Council “for the judge’s actions in violating the principle of legality and impartiality that requires that all determinations comply with current legal provisions.”

Regarding the transfer of Tomás Zerón, who remained in Israel, he assured that “progress is being made, but due to the situation in Gaza it is becoming more complicated, we are going to insist that the extradition be carried out,” and recalled the letters that he had sent to request that they facilitate your departure from Israel and arrival in Mexico.

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