SportsJavier Aguirre: "What I fear most about Athletic is its speed"

Javier Aguirre: “What I fear most about Athletic is its speed”

SEVILLE, April 5 (.) –

The Mallorca coach, Javier Aguirre, stated this Friday that against Athletic Club they cannot make mistakes in the Copa del Rey final, because they are an “impressively fast” team and “lethal in space” in addition to being “very intense and with a lot of character” and any of his attackers “can mess you up.

“What I fear most about Athletic is their speed. They are impressively fast and in space they are lethal. If you make a mistake in the construction they ‘vaccinate’ you. They are very intense without the ball and with a lot of character, and any of the attacking players will give you can get messy,” said the Mexican coach at the press conference prior to the Copa del Rey final in Seville.

Aguirre showed that he was clear that in the final “it is not enough for you to have enthusiasm and tranquility alone or to have no pressure”, and that the most important thing is “to have no mistakes”. “Athletic is the team in the League that steals the most balls in the opponent’s field and scores the most goals. In transitions they are lethal,” he added.

Regarding motivation, the Mallorcan coach confessed that he still “does not know” what he is going to say to his players in his last talk. “I don’t write scripts, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. A few years ago we won a very important game here to stay in the First Division with a saving hand from Reina. I know that I am going to give him tools to motivate the team. I already did the talk about the game, Tomorrow I will say four things. You can’t invent speeches that you don’t feel, if you don’t speak from the heart you’re screwed,” he noted.

As for the pressure, Aguirre confessed that it is “absolutely different” from what you feel when you are risking your salvation. “Two years ago we were practically in the Second Division, and losing that match against Sevilla meant a stain on our career and a step back. Today it is a different scenario, it is a final and we are going to try to win it,” he commented.

Tomorrow will be the second Copa del Rey final for Javier Aguirre. “I’m more relaxed than in the previous final. That situation was similar, Betis was in the Champions League and was a favorite. I think now I have more knowledge and experience of the game, and that makes me more confident,” he confessed.

A final in which Aguirre “signs” to reach penalties but they end “in favor.” “Seeing the room full of people means something different. I’ve been here for many years and it’s very nice. If we win I promise to go to Lluc. It’s a tradition for coaches to go there after achieving something. If we become champions I’ll go there,” he said.

Regarding the final eleven, Aguirre confessed that it will be “very difficult” to do so, but that as a coach he prefers to have “two good players per position” and have “those doubts” with the lineup. Furthermore, he stated that if Omar Mascarell is not 100% fit for tomorrow he will not even be called up.

The Mallorcan coach confessed that his family “goes with Athletic.” “My relatives on my mother’s and father’s side got together and sent me my 16 Basque surnames. In my house they were all from Athletic, including me,” he said.

“I would like to give joy to those who are in Mexico, even those who are ‘up there’ now. We are going to try it and I want people to be proud of what we did. There are many people supporting me. As a Mexican I would like us to be able to give to get to know our country,” he said.

Finally, regarding the team’s attitude in the protests, he stated that they have “improved.” “There was a game in which two of us from the coaching staff were expelled and we had seven yellow cards. It irritates me that they give us cards for protests. I scolded Larin the other day against Valencia for the yellow card they gave him,” he concluded.

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