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Jiya Shankar gave surf water to Elvish Yadav, then the triggered person got angry, targeted the makers

Ever since the entry of YouTuber Elvish Yadav in the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. Since then, there has been a disturbance among the family members. Jia Shankar, Avinash Sachdev and Falak Naaz on one side and YouTuber on the other. As in the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Elvish Yadav was made his assistant by the family members. He also got a lot of work done. But as soon as this game turned. Meaning, as soon as Bigg Boss made Elvish the dictator of the house, everyone’s giggles were tied. All the three contestants refused to obey the dictator. But the limit was reached when Jia Shankar made the YouTuber drink surf water. Now the brother of ex-contestant Akanksha Puri and Abhishek Malhan has reacted on this.

Actually, as soon as Bigg Boss handed over the power of Dictatorship to Elvish Yadav. That’s how he got into form. He started giving work to the family members. During this, he asked Jia Shankar for a glass of water. But the actress mixed surf in the water and took it and gave it to YouTuber. When he took a sip of it, he found the taste strange. He showed it to Manisha Rani and when she smelled that water, it came to know that soap was mixed in it.

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Jia Shankar’s friends supported

Elvish confronts Jiya. Told them that giving water to us is a matter of religion. Perhaps such surf water would have been drunk at their place. But this does not happen with them. At the same time, the actress had no regrets for her mistake. On the contrary, Avinash and Falak were supporting them only. Pooja Bhatt was also not seen reacting to this in the same way as she is seen speaking on other issues. So. It will be decided on the weekend ka vaar only.

Akanksha Puri’s reaction

Now, when this word spread on social media, Shame On Jiya hashtag started trending. In such a situation, Abhishek Malhan’s brother Nischay Malhan and ex-contestant Akanksha Puri reacted. Shocked at RJ Siddharth Kannan’s post, the actress wrote, ‘Really??? are you telling the truth? I have not seen this episode yet but it is very shameful. Should not have done this. This is madness.

Reaction of Abhishek Malhan’s brother

At the same time, YouTuber Triggered Insan aka Nishchay Malhan targeted the makers. Wrote, ‘Just opened Twitter and saw what is this man. Puneet Superstar was fired for putting handwash on himself and it is right if he put handwash in Elvish Yadav’s drinking water?’ However, later this tweet got deleted from his handle.

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