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Joe Biden: What are the US President’s chances in the upcoming presidential elections? – The Guardian – . .

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At the end of the second presidential term, Biden will turn 86 years old

We begin our tour with the British newspapers published this Saturday morning from The Guardian, and an article by writer Jonathan Friedland about the chances of US President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections.

Friedland believes that Biden’s tragedy lies in his advanced age in the eyes of voters, the fragility of his structure, and the weakness of the numbers produced by opinion polls.

While these voters miss the most important aspect of the whole matter, from the writer’s point of view, which is that Biden’s presidency represents a radical transformation. In less than three years, Biden has built an impressive record that unites American progressives, including those on the far left.

Biden was also able, according to the author, to develop an inspiring economic model for social democratic parties around the world, including Britain.

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