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José Ortega Cano punishes Ana María Aldón with the whip of indifference after her darts in ‘GH Dúo’


Ana María Aldón has forgotten that there are cameras and, a week after the start of ‘GH Dúo’, there have been several occasions on which she has opened up about José Ortega Cano, whom she divorced at the end of 2022. As has revealed, it was after his time on ‘Survivors’ in 2020 when he realized that he was not happy next to the bullfighter. “She preferred a one-month relationship at 100% than one at 50% for life,” she acknowledged, confessing that it is in her current partner, Eladio, in whom she has found her true happiness. Furthermore, the woman from Cádiz has thrown a dart at the Ortega Cano family by ensuring that the child she has in common with the teacher “has a father and mother and there is no need for someone else to get involved in creating problems if the father and mother do not help them.” have”, suggesting that some member of the media clan would have hindered her relationship with her ex-husband. And although she has made it clear that she has no problems with the former bullfighter, she has commented angrily that she is the only one who takes care of the little boy – they have shared custody – when he has to go somewhere: “No one has ever gone to my house to pick up the child. The one who takes him and brings him is me.” Confessions in the ‘GH Dúo’ house to which Ortega Cano has reacted with absolute indifference, turning a deaf ear to the questions related to Ana María’s time on the reality show. Accompanied by his sister Mari Carmen, Rocío Jurado’s widower has attended the premiere of Gabino Diego’s new play, ‘The Curve of Happiness’, and has avoided commenting on whether he is watching the program or what he thought of the darts of the designer. More silent than usual, José also did not want to say anything about the delicate financial situation of Amador Mohedano, who has a debt of 147,000 euros with the Treasury and could lose the property he inherited from ‘La más grande’ in Chipiona, where he resides.

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