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Junqueras does not see well that Junts has voted against the amnesty law and asks him to work for the “immense majority”

01/30/2024 The president of Esquerra Republicana (ERC), Oriol Junqueras, offers statements to the media after a plenary session, in the Congress of Deputies, on January 30, 2024, in Madrid (Spain). The Plenary Session of Congress is holding an extraordinary session today to debate and vote on the opinion of the Justice Commission on the Proposal for an Organic Law on amnesty for institutional, political and social normalization in Catalonia, as well as the amendments that remain alive and the votes individuals who, where appropriate, have presented themselves. The final vote requires the support of the absolute majority of the Chamber (176 votes) as it is an organic law. POLITICS Fernando Sánchez – .

The president of Esquerra Republicana (ERC), Oriol Junqueras, has regretted that Junts has voted against the processing of the amnesty law, because in his opinion, “it is not good” that it has not gone ahead in the Plenary Session of Congress and He reminded them that what must be done is to work to benefit the “immense majority” in all possible areas. “It is not good that this law has not been approved,” Junqueras said before the media after the plenary session in the Congress of Deputies where the proposed Amnesty Law has not exceeded the absolute majority that it needed to be approved, after the I vote against the Junts deputies. In his opinion, the wording that has been put to the vote is “good enough” to guarantee that “hundreds of people stop being persecuted” and although he has clarified that it is not the law that would have been made by ERC, he does consider it a “good law.” “It is a robust law to overcome preliminary rulings in Europe and to overcome the filters, for example, of the Constitutional Court,” he remarked. According to Junqueras, convicted by the Supreme Court in the case of the 2017 independence process and later pardoned by the Government, what the parties should do is “work to benefit the vast majority” of citizens, and from ERC they are convinced that this law “does it.” For this new negotiation opportunity that opens in the next month, the leader of ERC is committed to “continuing working” to guarantee a “robust” law that “has no danger of falling into the first obstacle”, whether in the courts Spanish or in Europe, and “the sooner it is produced the better”.

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