Global#JusticiaParaNeto: Puebla Prosecutor's Office opens investigation into group beating of young man

#JusticiaParaNeto: Puebla Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation into group beating of young man

Given the demands for justice by the family of Ernesto Calderon and people who the brutal beating has outraged I gave him a group of youngsterssome students of the Anáhuac Puebla Universitythe State Attorney General’s Office reported that launched an investigation into the assault to the young man that occurred on Saturday in Angelópolis.

Through a brief statement, the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office announced that Neto, as his friends and family know him, who had multiple injuriesamong them fracture in the expensivehas already been discharged from the hospital because as part of the investigation staff of the corporation He met with the victim at his own home.

“Among the investigative acts carried out, personnel from the Institution interviewed the victim at his home, inspecting your injuries and preparing legal medical opinions. There have also been carried out witness interviews“, he pointed.

They beat him because he asked that they not throw beer at him

Meanwhile, after going viral video in which at least 8 young people beat Netowho according to testimony of his aunt Elisa Galindothem He complained because they threw a beer in his and his friend’s social networks They identified 2 of the attackers of the young man.

It’s about brothers Luis and Fran Romerotwo students from the Universidad Anáhuac Puebla, who have been identified for being the main people responsible for initiating the attack against Neto. Regarding the other 6 attackers, their identities and whether they are also students at the same institution have not yet been made known.

And in the recording one of the brothers is seen kicking him in the headwhich leaves him unconscious and even when Neto is no longer moving, the other brother, who was carrying a bottle, threatens to break it on his headwhile another voice warns: ‘Don’t mess with us again‘.

Anáhuac Puebla University expels Neto’s attackers

In this regard, the Anahuac University of Puebla reported that although the attack on Neto occurred outside the institution’s facilities, I would not tolerate any type of behavior that promotes violence nor does it affect the health of other individuals, therefore he applied the following measures against aggressors:

  • The total suspension of any academic activity, as well as any other activity related to university life.
  • The restriction on entering the campus.

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