GlobalJustin Trudeau will return to Canada only by tonight, the second plane...

Justin Trudeau will return to Canada only by tonight, the second plane is also getting late; Politics is also fast

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The G-20 summit held in India had concluded on Sunday itself. All the guests including Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Emmanuel Macron have returned. But the Canadian PM is still in Delhi. The reason for this is not any bilateral talks but the breakdown of the plane. Just before his return, his plane was found damaged, which has not been repaired till now. Not only this, the alternative flight for them which was to leave from Canada and reach Delhi by Monday night, has not arrived yet. It is reported that this plane will arrive by Tuesday afternoon and then Justin Trudeau’s return to Canada will be possible only by late evening.

Canadian Air Force aircraft CC-150 Polaris has been sent to Delhi because the aircraft by which Trudeau came had a technical fault. For this reason, Justin Trudeau, who returned to Canada on Sunday evening, is still in Delhi. Not only this, there may be a little delay in their return because the plane coming as replacement has been diverted to London. Usually planes coming from Canada come via Rome. No reason has been given for this diversion, but it will definitely cause delays. According to Canadian media reports, the plane will leave from London on Tuesday morning and then reach Delhi. It is clear that Justin Trudeau’s return will be possible only by Tuesday night.

Plane not repaired, Trudeau stranded for 36 hours; Even the government is not giving prices

According to reports, a technician has also been sent to replace the damaged part of Trudeau’s plane, which is parked in Delhi. It is being said that if the same plane by which Trudeau went to India is repaired on time, then his return can also be done through it. The news of the plane being damaged has also been widely reported in the Canadian media and the government’s strategy has also been criticized. The plane that Justin Trudeau uses is 36 years old. This is also being considered as the reason for the disturbance. Even in 2016, his plane broke down. The flight had to return to Ottawa half an hour after takeoff. This incident happened when he was going on a tour of Belgium.

Justin Trudeau will return to Canada only by tonight, the second plane is also getting late; Politics is also fast

Trudeau must have realized something now, politics in Canada also intensifies

Not only this, a similar problem also occurred during the NATO Summit in 2019. Meanwhile, politics has also intensified in Canada. Pierre Poilievre, leader of Canada’s opposition Conservative Party, said that now PM Trudeau must have known what happens due to air damage and flight delays. It’s like they have harassed Canadians by disrupting the operations of airports.

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