GlobalKillers are having fun in Canada, now another country exposed Justin Trudeau...

Killers are having fun in Canada, now another country exposed Justin Trudeau government

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India Canada News Latest Update: Canada, which is targeting India over the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, also seems to be under attack. Now Bangladesh has also alleged that ‘killers are having fun in Canada’. Earlier, Sri Lanka had also said that Canada nurtures terrorists. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Indian agents may have a hand in Nijjar’s murder.

During an interview, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momin has made a big claim. “All murderers should not have a place in Canada,” he said. The killers go to Canada, get asylum and are living a life of fun. Whereas, the families of the people they murdered are suffering. Actually, Momin has raised questions on Canada’s extradition policy.

He raised many questions on Canada regarding Noor Chaudhary, the murderer of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. “His murderers are living a good life in Canada,” he said. He has been there and we are requesting the Canadian government to send back the murderer of our Father of the Nation Bagabandhu. Unfortunately, Canada is not listening to us and is making many excuses.

He said, ‘Now that he has been living in Canada for a long time, he had also gone to the Canadian court to know the current situation. We want to know whether he is a Canadian citizen or not. He told that the court ruled that the Canadian government has no reason for not disclosing the status, but till now the Canadian government is not telling anything.

Regarding India-Canada tension, he said, ‘We have good relations with India and good relations with Canada. Both countries are friends. I am not aware of the matter between India and Canada, but I am aware of the problems we have with Canada.

Sri Lanka also raised questions
Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri reacted to the ongoing tension between India and Canada. He said, ‘Some terrorists have found safe haven in Canada. This is what a Canadian Prime Minister has to say about making some outrageous allegations without any evidence. He did the same thing for Sri Lanka, saying that there was genocide in Sri Lanka was a terrible, blatant lie. Everyone knows that no genocide took place in our country.

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