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Lacandon zone cartel stalks

Mexico City.- Hitmen from the Sinaloa Cartel, who claimed to be from the group led by ‘El Mayo’ Zambada, have besieged indigenous people from the Lacandona region, located in Ocosingo, on the border of Chiapas with Guatemala, according to the residents themselves.

Through letters and mass protests, residents, especially from communities such as Nueva Palestine, Lacanjá Chanyasab and Frontera Corozal, have denounced in recent weeks that extortion, threats and drug trafficking are carried out under the cover of state police, federal elements and even ministerial.

This motivated thousands of residents, including farmers, children, women, small merchants and residents in general, to march towards the central square of Ocosingo on September 7 with banners and shouts against the threats.

“We are marching and demanding our rights to life, tranquility and peace,” they demanded.

“We want the immediate presence of security in New Palestine, of the Mexican Army, the Navy and the National Guard. We want peace”, “Out with the Sinaloa Cartel, out with organized crime, yes to the Army”.

That same day, in the letter “Lacandona Community under threat from the Sinaloa Cartel”, addressed to President López Obrador, it was reported that the hitmen even have their base in the crossroads of the town of San Javier, 7 kilometers from Nueva Palestine, already a few meters from where the State Police has its booth with elements.

“In the last three years, the territory of the Lacandona Community (Chiapas) has been literally invaded by organized crime, which, with impunity, has been taking over more and more control of its jungle, opening clandestine tracks for the transfer of cocaine, controlling the trafficking of undocumented immigrants, charging floor rights to small merchants, as well as fees to tourism service providers, carrying out forced evictions of hundreds of families, disappearing people and committing femicides,” says the letter signed by the resident Chankín Kimbor Chambor. 1, who calls himself the leader of Communal Goods in the region.

There it is reported that on September 6, the letter was sent to President López Obrador requesting his intervention, and that also, a day before, a group of hitmen broke into the Police Station office to attack elements of the Rural Police.

“It is urgent to immediately safeguard the integrity and life of these four families, of the People of the subcommunity of Nuevo Palestine, that organized crime be expelled from Lacandón territory, and that the federal government of President AMLO, with all rigor apply the state of right over these unpunished criminals and over the elements of public security and armed forces that shelter and cover up this situation.”

Chankín Kimbor Chambor 1 added in interviews with local media that the pacts between authorities and criminals are known, but no one has paid attention to their calls after the wave of violence worsened in a territory that is used for the crossing of drugs and also trafficking. of people, especially migrants.

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