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Late was the pioneer of the era, a Gandhian and a true messiah of the farmers. Ranbir Hooda: Lakhan Singla –

Faridabad, 1 February (HP)

Former Congress candidate from the assembly constituency and senior Congress leader Lakhan Kumar Singla, freedom fighter and member of the Indian Constituent Assembly, Late. Paying tribute to Ranbir Singh Hooda, he said that he was one of the founders of secular democracy, even though he is no more among us today, but his ideals will always remain exemplary for us. He said that Late. Ranveer Singh Hooda was a revolutionary, a Gandhian and a messiah of farmers and labourers. He selflessly dedicated his entire life to the service of the common man. We should adopt the ideals of such a great freedom fighter, only then it is possible to build a strong society. Could. Singla was addressing the gathering today after laying a wreath on the occasion of his death anniversary at Ranveer Hooda Park in Sector-17. During this, Singla and other Congressmen late. Ranveer Hooda’s Ashtadhatu statue was cleaned with Ganga water and flowers were offered to him and paid tribute to him. Addressing the gathering on this occasion, Lakhan Kumar Singla said that Late. It is the result of Ranbir Hooda’s efforts that today we are breathing the open air of freedom. Singla said that Late. Ranveer Singh Hooda always raised his voice for the interests of farmers, laborers and downtrodden people and today his soul must be getting hurt seeing the way the BJP government is torturing the farmers. Accusing the BJP government of insulting great men, Lakhan Singla said that this park of Sector-17 was dedicated to Late. It is named after Ranveer Singh Hooda, but today the poor condition of this park speaks for itself, there is an atmosphere of chaos in the park.

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