GlobalLED luminaires are installed in Pie de Casa Granjero park

LED luminaires are installed in Pie de Casa Granjero park

Juarez City.- The General Directorate of Public Services installed led luminaires in the Pie de Casa Granjero Park, in the Nuevo Juárez neighborhood, the municipal government reported in a statement.

In the bulletin, he explains that the objective of these actions is to improve public spaces so that more families from Juarez can enjoy coexistence at night in a comfortable and safe way.

The document adds that in that park located between Mamey and Cartamo streets, they installed 21 new LED lamps, but they also placed four bases with their respective flying buttresses to improve the lighting conditions of the place.

It details that they placed 80 and 60 watt bulbs, in addition to 150 meters of wiring, and once the work was completed, the positive response was seen from the citizens who live in that sector, who already enjoy an illuminated space.

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