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Lego City Recovery of an Asteroid in Space (60429) – Is it worth buying?

We continue with our small series of articles on the new space sets from Lego in 2024. After the spaceship and the space mech, today we are devoting ourselves to the set with the long name “Lego City Recovery of an Asteroid in Space (60429)”. Which basically tells you exactly what to expect here. And you also get a small spaceship. Let’s take a closer look.

Facts about the set: Overall, the set appears larger and more extensive than the space mech, although it actually has a few fewer stones overall than it. With the 126 parts you can build a small spaceship (nice addition to the larger spaceship), a crane including an excavation site and a laboratory.

Assembly and minifigures: Neither you nor your child will have any problems assembling it. It’s one of the simplest instructions (two, in fact) I’ve ever seen from Lego. And given the number of parts included, you can get through it quickly. The underside of the spaceship alone consists almost entirely of one larger element. As I said, this won’t cause any problems here.

Lego City Recovery of an asteroid in space – The assembly

Two minifigures are included. Here again the new space look of the figures and not the classic version. Both come with a torso printed on the front and back as well as legs printed on the front and have a uniform look (apart from the arm colors). There’s also a little alien with eyes who is obviously pretty happy.

Playability: As already mentioned, you are putting together three different components here. Together with the two figures and the alien, this offers enough potential for more than one child to enjoy at the same time. The content complements itself well, not only on its own, but also with the other new space sets. There is a bit of interactivity with the crane, which can be moved to a limited extent. The asteroids can also be opened and the minerals stored or removed inside. Otherwise everything is quite static, but there are few limits to your own imagination.

Lego City Recovery of an Asteroid in Space – The Minifigures

Lego City Recovery of an Asteroid in Space (60429) – Conclusion

Given the number of parts, the price seems rather too high compared to the space mech. But on the open market you will definitely get the set a few euros cheaper. It’s a good addition to the rest of the new 2024 space sets and offers a lot of play value overall. If you already have the normal spaceship or buy an additional one, you will also get a small spaceship, which expands the play options for several children. On top of that, there are only printed elements here and no stickers, that’s how it should be!

You can buy Lego City Recovery of an Asteroid in Space in the Lego online shop, at or at Alternate.

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