GamesLego City Space Mech (60428) - Is it worth buying?

Lego City Space Mech (60428) – Is it worth buying?

Would you like to add to your new Lego City spaceship? Lego has a few things to offer with a space theme this year. Another particularly affordable set is the Lego City Space Mech (60428), which won’t cost you more than a tenner. An ideal gift for the little ones? Or a good eye-catcher on the shelf? Let’s take a closer look.

Facts about the set: The name of the set is self-explanatory. You get a mech that has a hammer on one side and a claw on the other. The cockpit has space for a minifigure and as a bonus there is a small space construction robot and a small planetary backdrop. All in all, reasonable equipment for a tenner.

If you used yellow stones for the mech, modified it a bit and added an alien queen, you would have a nice license set. Just a thought in case anyone wants to tinker with it.

Assembly and minifigures: Considering there are 140 parts, assembly is quite quick. If you give your child this inexpensive set, you can be sure that they will be able to play with it quickly. The construction is not complicated and in the end the mech is quite stable if you maintain the basic position of the legs.

Lego City Space Mech – The Assembly

In contrast to the new Lego City spaceship, this one includes a few stickers that you attach to the arms and legs. But there are also printed elements. The minifigure has prints on both the front and back of the torso and the front of the legs. The same goes for the front of the suit the figure is wearing.

Playability: The mech’s arms and legs are movable, although the basic arrangement of the legs ensures stability when standing. The arms can be rotated as desired. The cockpit could perhaps have used a few more details, but ultimately this is a good set for 10 euros that you can use to complement your Lego City Space sets. By the way: The arms of the small construction robot can also be moved discreetly.

Lego City Space Mech – The Minifigure

Lego City Space Mech (60428) – Conclusion

As a cheap set (depending on the retailer, you can still save a bit), this is a good investment if you want to expand your space collection or add to your child’s space sets. You get a minifigure including a robot, some scenery and a few interactive functions. As always, the stickers are a shame, but at least the more important things are included in printed form. Whether for yourself or as a gift, for a tenner you can’t go wrong with the space mech.

You can buy the Lego City space mech in the Lego online shop, at or at Alternate.

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