GlobalLópez Obrador accuses hacking in data leak of 'La Mañanera' journalists

López Obrador accuses hacking in data leak of ‘La Mañanera’ journalists

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the leak of personal data of journalists covering the morning It was due to a hacking of the Presidency systems, so an investigation will be carried out to clarify the facts and find the person or persons responsible, for which they will also file complaints, in order to proceed legally against whoever is behind it.

“Yes it was hacking, then they take the data, the scandal comes out (…) to try to sow the idea that we persecute, censor, we are dictators,” said the president in his conference today, January 29, and pointed out that behind This is what the opponents of his government are.

He added that this is a “dirty war, espionage”so they will undertake an investigation to clarify what happened, in addition to the fact that through the Ministry of the Interior they will will provide support to all journalists who appear on the list and whose personal data was leaked, including their address.

“It’s a hack, what they did with Guacamaya and then they began to extract the data, they are the same,” insisted the president who at one point acknowledged that the security systems did fail and even the hackers were very good who were able to violate the systems. of Presidency.

López Obrador insisted that His government has “no authoritarian desire” Nor do they spy, which is why he reiterated that the data leak was a hack. “Yes, the data is taken care of, but hacks happen,” he mentioned.

He announced that this Monday, January 29, his government’s position regarding this hack that led to the leak of data of hundreds of journalists will be announced, to whom, he reiterated, They will be provided with all the protection they require..

“Be confident, assured that it was not us. We do not have those practices, we are not fachos, to make it clear, but we are going to clarify who did this, they are the same people from Guacamaya,” he indicated.

“It is really a matter for scandal, imagine that they hack the names with data of those who come here. The majority of those who come here are women, free, conscious men, if they came, with all due respect, other famous journalists would be scary, but You are good people, good journalists, there are very few who are at the service of the mafia of economic and political power,” he added.

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They leak data from journalists who cover The Morning

Last Friday, January 26, they were data of more than 300 journalists leaked on the internet who have attended the morning through a website that was later disabled, but that had already revealed personal information of the communicators.

The information that was in the possession of the Presidency so that they could receive the accreditations to attend the conference and that was leaked includes INE credentials, CURP, emailsas well as proof of address.

The INAI made a complaint form available to journalists who were victims of the data leak, in addition to ordering the Presidency of the Republic to provide a report on whether there was a breach in the security of its systems.

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