GlobalLópez Obrador's 'Mañanera' today: Topics from the conference on January 22, 2024

López Obrador’s ‘Mañanera’ today: Topics from the conference on January 22, 2024

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador headed his conference morning from January 22, 2024 from Querétaro, where he was accompanied by part of his cabinet and by Governor Mauricio Kuri González, who thanked the federation for its support in various projects and recently for a collaboration agreement to guarantee water supply to the population of said state.

López Obrador assured that during his six-year term, corruption has been fought and this has allowed them to save millions of pesos that are applied for the benefit of the population; He knows here all the topics of the morning.

Morning today January 22, 2024

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In a meeting with US officials, 10 agreements were made: Bárcena

Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena highlighted that the meeting with state officials in Washington was “very good,” since in addition to the results achieved by Mexico were recognized Regarding the decrease in the migratory flow, both parties they made 10 agreements to continue moving forward and address this matter.

“It was recognized that the migration phenomenon is not an issue of Mexico and the United States alone, it requires a regional perspective in its solution. The paradigm has changed since the meeting in Palenque,” ​​said the chancellor.

As part of the agreements, it was agreed to standardize migration figures based on a joint panel, a trilateral Mexico-EU-Guatemala meeting at the level of ministers, establish mechanisms to combat human trafficking networks regionally and bilaterally, among others.

Patrols will increase in the Mexico-Querétaro highway in the face of assaults on transporters

Given the violent assaults on transporters that circulate through the Mexico-Querétaro highwaythe National Guard will increase patrolss on said road to inhibit this type of actions, announced the commander of said corporation, David Córdova Campos.

“It is a permanently densely populated road, we are implementing this system to reduce this problem, increase patrols, and be in permanent contact with the Ministry of Communications,” he commented and assured that this type of actions have worked, since the number of crimes on other roads such as Mexico-Acapulco and Mexico-Puebla.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador analyzes implementing a passenger train that goes from Mexico City to Querétaro and is waiting for the proposal from a railway company that has the concession for freight trains.

“We are going to look at the possibility of a passenger train from Mexico City to Querétaro. I am looking at it with the governor, I am waiting for the proposal from a company that has the freight train concession and that is encouraging itself to have the passenger train concession,” he commented.

The federal government and the National Water Commission signed a collaboration agreement with the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri, to guarantee the supply of water to the inhabitants of said state through the promotion of various water actions and projects.

The state governor thanked the federation for its support in addressing the problem of drinking water supply and commented that the water works would conclude in his six-year term.


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