Entertainment'Love Has Won': The story behind the HBO documentary about Amy Carlson

‘Love Has Won’: The story behind the HBO documentary about Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson claimed on countless occasions that she was a kind of self-proclaimed guru, she also claimed to be a fortune teller and even the reincarnation of notable figures in the history of the classical and modern world such as Joan of Arc or Marilyn Monroe. None of that was true.

This is how Carlson spent several years, whose mummified body was found in April 2021 by authorities, which was wrapped in a sleeping bag and with Christmas lights near the small well-known town of Crestone, Colorado.

His story is now contained in the new HBO project titled Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God. The documentary details how a McDonald’s manager became a woman who led a small cult group that believed in conspiracy theories and, even in QAnon, the group that – according to the far-right ideological current in the US – has a secret plot of a “deep state” against Donald Trump and his followers.

Carlson began the propagation of her ideas through live broadcasts on YouTube, where she claimed that she was guided by “The Galactics,” a group of celebrities such as Steve Irwin, Robin Williams and Carrie Fisher, all of whom have died. She also asserted that former US President Donald Trump was a great example to follow.

The woman and several of her followers from the “Love Has Won” organization managed to get into the minds of several more people, thanks to the sale of marijuana and alcohol products that pretended to be “the answer” to several of their problems and, even , they offered colloidal silver or protein silver. This last substance is scientifically proven to be neither safe nor effective nor is it related to some healthy elements that some sellers offer it.

The documentary film Love Has Won It is directed by Hannah Olson and takes place in three episodes, where the filmmaker aims to reveal the life of the young mother of three children born in Kansas City; who served as the leader of a fast food store and who managed to obtain the nickname “Mother God” from an ideological group; although for some time, she was called “Father God” because of her gender.

“Watching a cult with a female leader really interested me because most of the time when we look at cult stories it’s the same thread about a megalomaniac. [hombre] that brings people to it, and then the cult implodes because of sex, power and money,” Olson commented in an interview with Los Angeles Times. “This is a case where I couldn’t really tell who was steering the ship. Trying to figure it out really interested me.”

Some of the most dramatic scenes in the HBO material portray Carlson with considerable weight loss, before his strange disappearance. According to Olson, the former cult leader lost more than 50 pounds in weight and this was due to high alcohol consumption and excessive intake of colloidal silver.

Before his death, Carlson met with some of his cult members to learn about their concerns and the future of the organization. According to the documentary, the woman who also suffered from eating disorders spoke with the last “Father God”, Jason Castillo, who also worked at a Blockbuster.

The docuseries It also includes the testimonies of Carlson’s sister and mother, and is considered one of the last cult documentaries that have been distributed on streaming platforms. streaming.

The three episodes of Love Has Won They are available in Max.

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