GlobalLuis Cresencio Sandoval attends the premiere of the Mexican film Héroes

Luis Cresencio Sandoval attends the premiere of the Mexican film Héroes

Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Secretary of the National Defense of Mexico (Sedena), attended the premiere of the Mexican film Héroes, directed by Ricardo Arnaiz, which coincided with the Bicentennial of the Heroic Military College commemorated in what is now the National Museum of History, the Castle of Chapultepec.

The film humanizes and attempts to deminitify the historical moment that occurred with the cadets who fell in the defense of the Castle, then headquarters of the Military College, on September 13, 1847, during the US intervention in Mexico.

“I feel honored to be here in this enigmatic place to be a part of the premiere of the film Héroes, which, without a doubt, will help to awaken and inspire national pride in youth and raise awareness about the importance of the most sacred thing that we have as Mexicans: our flag, our freedom and our homeland.

“There is also a message for them to choose the path of righteousness and honorability in the face of the new challenges that the Mexican State faces and to join in raising awareness of the hardest national desires related to progress, well-being and social peace,” stated Cresencio Sandoval in a speech prior to the screening of the film.

Next, he referred to the Heroic Military College and thanked the film’s production team for their work.

“Throughout its 200 years of existence, the Heroic Military College has been present in the most sublime feats in the country’s history, leaving a legacy of union, national identity and patriotism, principles that are instilled in women and men who voluntarily decide to serve Mexico from the ranks of the Army and Air Force. Therefore, on behalf of those of us who make up the armed institute, I acknowledge and appreciate the effort of the production team and the cast of this film, to promote the values ​​that were manifested in the most important passages in which the Heroic Military College has participated. .

“Our society can be certain that, during the two centuries of tradition and glory of this heroic campus, in each of the venues that housed it, where the Perote fortress stands out, this majestic Chapultepec Castle, the iconic Popotla building and currently the great and renovated facilities of Tlalpan, the essence of honor, courage and loyalty of those heroes who gave us homeland is preserved; principles that were previously only instilled in future military leaders, and now are also transmitted to the women and men who will be part of the National Guard’s command cadres, as is the case of the first 174 NCOs graduated this year” , he detailed.

The head of the Sedena also recalled the historical event in which more than 40 young people, all of them cadets, fought and in which those now remembered as Children Heroes died: Agustín Melgar, Fernando Montes de Oca, Francisco Márquez, Juan de la Barrera , Juan Escutia and Vicente Suárez.

“To talk about heroes worldwide is to refer to women and men who, throughout history, offered their lives to their nations or participated in various feats that marked the destiny of their people.

“In Mexico, our heroes have been present in the most memorable feats, leaving a legacy of patriotism and pride, values ​​that have given direction to the country, for the sake of its progress and development.

“Without a doubt, one of the greatest epics was the historical event of September 13, 1847, where a handful of young cadets, in the face of the North American invasion, with bravery, determination and courage, faced one of the greatest feats of defense. of the homeland, laying the foundations of the newly created nation to establish its identity.

“This event was decisive in uniting Mexicans, allowing the country’s stance to be firm, of enormous courage and iron will to defend sovereignty, with the results known to all of us, not only in the battle of May 5, 1862, but years later with the total expulsion of the invaders from the town, as well as this impetuous fact of the young cadets of the Heroic Military College, of 1847, with the same values ​​in the end, others participated in brave heroic acts, highlighting the well-known mark of loyalty,” he said.

After a protocol ceremony, in which the current cadets, both male and female, of the military professional education campus, showed their respect and skill with weapons, in the rifle salute, in addition to singing the anthem of the Heroic Military College and the National Anthem, the director of the film, Ricardo Arnaiz and the producer, Julissa Pacheco, presented the Heroic Military College with recognition for their work.

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