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Lupillo Rivera reveals intimacies in his relationship with Belinda and they attack him online

Lupillo Rivera, renowned regional Mexican singer, has been the center of attention in the reality show The House of the Famous from Telemundo, but not because of his musical talent, but because some unfortunate statements about his alleged past relationship with fellow singer Belinda.

Rivera and Belinda They were romantically linked a few years ago when They worked together as judges on a music show. Although they never officially confirmed their relationship, rumors persisted for some time. However, Lupillo chose to stay out of the gossip and asked for respect for Belinda, earning her recognition as a gentleman.

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However, recently, in a conversation within the program, Lupillo admitted having had a relationship with Belinda and detailed intimate aspects of that supposed relationship. This unleashed a wave of criticism on social networks, where Internet users They considered his attitude to be rude and disrespectful towards Belinda..

The comments on social networks did not wait, with users expressing their discontent and asking for Lupillo’s departure from the program. Some called him “ridiculous”, others questioned his “gentleman” label, while some called him more disparagingly.

Until now, Belinda has not responded to Lupillo’s comments nor has he made any statement in this regard.

The situation has left Lupillo Rivera in an awkward position, facing criticism for his actions on the reality show. His reputation as a gentleman, built over the years, has been called into question by his recent statements.


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