GlobalMagistrade Ociel Baena would have been murdered by his partner, prosecutor reveals;...

Magistrade Ociel Baena would have been murdered by his partner, prosecutor reveals; transfer to Saltillo ready

The death of Judge Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo has left deep consternation in Aguascalientes, where the initial details of the tragic event have generated controversy and a wave of speculation, regarding which the Aguascalientes prosecutor declared today, in an interview, that it is It is likely that Baena was murdered by his partner, who later committed suicide.

Jesús Figueroa Ortega, head of the State Prosecutor’s Office, told Grupo Formula that Ociel Baena and his partner, Dorian Daniel Nieves, were found dead in their home, with injuries caused by razor blades.. And the initial theory suggests that the wounds could have been self-inflicted, posing a scenario of an alleged homicide followed by suicide.

The prosecutor’s story describes that an argument may have arisen that begins in bed, triggering a violent escalation that culminated with Baena receiving 19 wounds, one of them fatal to the neck.. The wounds on both bodies were made with razor blades, and the bodies were found on the ground floor of their home.

The context of security and protection of the magistrate further aggravates the case, since it was revealed that Ociel Baena A state escort was assigned, but he was not present at the time of the incident.since he had been granted the weekend off.

The magistrate had been the subject of threats and harassment on social networks, which led to the assignment of personal custody by the Public Security Secretariat of the state of Aguascalientes.


It should be noted that the authorities’ statement, hinting at the possibility that the injuries were self-inflicted, has unleashed a wave of outrage on social media.where many users accuse that a possible hate crime is being covered up, and demand a thorough investigation to avoid impunity in this case.

In addition, the LGBT community has taken to the streets in various parts of the country demanding justice and clarificationgiven the fact that has shocked public opinion.


Meanwhile, The bodies of Magistrate Ociel Baena and his partner are being laid to rest in Aguascalientes, with plans to transfer them to Saltillo, Coahuila.their place of origin, to continue with the funeral services and give them their final rest.

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